The "Business-contact" (1990)

Telecast №24321, 1 part, duration: 0:31:05

Reel №1 The "Business-contact"

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Topics of issue:

"Special Report with vigorous Soviet test site";

"Chronicle of the fight against Uzbek mafia";

"Soviet-American expedition" Bering bridge "(the Bering Bridge)"

"Moscow Artistic Avant-Garde";

"Proceeds of erotic theater" and other news.

The plot of the entry into force of the earth and land use.

On a snowy road in the wood-sledge riding elderly peasant woman.

The cows in the stable.

Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.

Mikhail Gorbachev at the podium.

Deputies in the room listen, act.

Placards with the results of voting deputies applauded.

Mikhail Gorbachev, E.Stroev and other officials inspected the livestock complex.

He runs a calf, a dog on a chain.

The story about the opening in Leningrad, a joint Soviet-Bavarian beer hall "Seagull".

Visitors at a table drinking beer, the waiter pours the beer into glasses.

Customers at the bar, at tables.

Passers-by on the streets of Leningrad, the sign "The Seagull" on the building.

News of "black market" (Black market).

Corner Arsenal Tower of the Kremlin, Historical Museum building (removed from the traffic).

The speaker on the podium.

Ruble banknotes of different denominations.

Hotel "Cosmos".

Illuminated signs on the hotel "Savoy" and "Space."

The police detained the man, check documents at the driver of the car.

Money changers in the car.

Confiscated contraband goods.

Vietnamese in a large number of baggage at the airport.

Confiscated firearms, ammunition.

Automotive market - buyers, sellers on the market.

Imported sneakers, leather jackets, ladies shoes, clothes, televisions, VCRs, and the windows of stores.

Report on the conversion of aircraft manufacturing plant in Zaporozhye

A passenger plane on the airfield, the fighter in the air, performs aerobatics.

The production department of Zaporozhye Aircraft Building Plant.

The plot of the new MiG-29.

Fighters on the airfield.

The pilots, maintenance personnel at the aircraft - different plans.

Flies MiG-29.

The pilot sits in the cockpit of a fighter.

Fighter MiG-29 taxiing, taking off, the plane in the air, performs aerobatics; lands.

Report from the Semipalatinsk.


The test of a nuclear bomb - the explosion, the blast turns the aircraft tank.

Semipalatinsk nuclear test site - taken from a helicopter.

The street of the village, brick houses, sheep in the yard.

Interview with head of health services.

The sign "Semipalatinsk cement plant of 50 Years of the USSR."

It is said factory worker, a milkmaid.

The inhabitants of Semipalatinsk in the store to buy bread.

Interview workers farms.

Items on the shelves.

A protest demonstration, demanding close range.

The workers are in the tunnel test site.

Interview with a worker.

Barbed wire, plate, "Pass - travel is prohibited!"

Fence with barbed wire, watchtowers.

Interview with one of the oldest operating the landfill.

Nuclear Laboratory.

Said a representative ministersha defense.

Drives the machine "first aid".

In the hospital room a woman breastfeeding a newborn.

Children in the nursery bedroom.

Said a representative of the health service.

Factory chimneys smoke, and the area housing the factory.

The workers in the tunnel test site.

The story of the Soviet-American expedition "Bering bridge" (the Bering Bridge).

Chukotka - Boeing-737 "Alaska" on the airport tarmac in Anadyr (drifting snow sweeps).

On ramp down American passengers - representatives of a number of Inuit communities, businessmen and journalists.

Interview with passengers.

Start a Soviet-American Polar Expedition "Bering bridge" (the purpose of the expedition - a bridge of friendship to connect both sides of the Strait, separating the USSR and the USA).

Are the American members of the expedition, among them the famous polar explorer Paul Shura.

Interview P.Shurke and other members of the expedition.

Advertising car Aleko-141 (Moskvich 2141).

The video for the song G.Sukacheva "My Little Babe."

Photos of the band members' Brigade. "

Rock band "Brigade" on the stage; G.Sukachev sings "" My Little Babe "in English and Russian languages.

Interview with the artist, representative of Al-brut L.Purygina.

Exhibition of works L.Purygina, visitors to the exhibition.

Paintings L.Purygina - different plans.

Sotheby's auction, the auction L.Purygin in the hall.

The story about erotic theaters.

Erotic scenes from the play.

Interview with the audience.

Reporting against the Uzbek mafia.

Military airfield near Moscow.

Delivery of drugs and valuables confiscated from the "godfathers" of the Uzbek mafia.

Bags of drugs and the values ​​are loaded into an armored car.

The building of the KGB's Dzerzhinsky Square in Moscow, the light in the windows.

The prison corridor, the guard is a prisoner for interrogation.

Interview with Colonel Antonov.

KGB dig up hidden in the land with the money bags.

Arrested in the prison yard.

Interview with KGB.

Law enforcement officer shall be accompanied by a bag of money.

Confiscated from members of the Uzbek mafia gold coins, and large sums of money on the table.

Hands of gold coins pour into a glass jar.

Banknotes in a bank box, cashiers working.

Advertise hotel "Savoy".

Report a casino for foreigners working in the hotel "Savoy" - spinning a roulette wheel, the dealer hands, the chips on the table, visitors to the casino.

The story about the cat show.

The jury members inspect the cats, cats in the hands of their owners.

The collection of clothing, "Salute" avant-garde fashion designer Mila Vvedensky.

Mannequins show costumes - fragments of the show.


Gorbachev M.S. Stroev E. Purigin L. -- artist

Calendar: 1990

Locations: Russia [1] Moscow [820] Leningrad [848]

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