Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The "Business Russia"

Airdate May 24, 1996.

Daily production of current affairs program.

Leading E.Starostina S.Sergunin and in the studio.

Topics of issue:

"Decree of the President of the federal center Severodvinsk nuclear engineering";

"The problems of financing the Russian defense industry";

"Land Code - a special report", and other news reports.

Comments on the leading Boris Yeltsin signed the decree about the federal center Severodvinsk nuclear engineering, finance companies to change the military-industrial complex.

MiG on the airfield, helicopters in the air.

Fighter in the air, fly military aircraft.

Comments about the dissatisfaction of the leading parliamentarians on the shortage of funds for the maintenance of the lower house of parliament.

The deputies at the meeting, among them - V.A.Bryntsalov.

Comments E.Starostinoy the initiative of deputies to renounce the use of official cars.

New cars' gas. "

Report on the adoption of the new Land Code of Russia.

The deputies at the session - different plans.

Geese in the yard of the farmhouse.

A shepherd on horseback driving a herd of cows.

Cleaning of grain - grain "Field box."

The street of the village.

Interview with Chairman of the Subcommittee, the State Duma on the improvement of land relations on a new V.Plotnikova Land Code.

Articles in newspapers.

Interview with Deputy Minister I.Starikova housekeeper.

Minister of Agriculture V.Hlystun meeting on the sidelines talking to a journalist.

The State Duma at the meeting.

Interview with Chairman of State Duma Committee on Agrarian A.Chernyshev.

Newsreel, 1928-1930:

Campaigning for the record rally of peasants into collective farms.

Comments about the leading presidential statement that he would not sign the State Duma passed a land code, on consideration of the State Duma a draft law on compulsory insurance of bank deposits of private individuals.

Reporting Program of the deposit insurance system in the world.

Street of Moscow.

Germany - the building of Deutsche Bank; passing cars

Statistical data on deposit insurance in foreign countries.

Moscow - a savings bank, building "the Capital Savings Bank."

ATM, customers in the bank.

Certificate of deposit insurance issued by the SBS.

Says the chairman of the board, "Bank Capital Savings' A.Grigorev.

A girl prepares a bank deposit, customers in the SBS - different plans.

The man at the ATM.

Passers-by on the streets of Moscow.

Comments on the collection of the leading tax payments to the budget.

Report on the meeting of the State Tax Service.

Speakers and participants of the meeting and reporters in the hall - different plans.

The story about the press conference, Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court V. Yakovlev called "spontaneous legal business or the economy."

Performs Vladimir Yakovlev (synchronously).

Listening in the audience.

Advertising goods from services.

Category "Finance and Markets."

Press Conference of President of the Savings Bank of Russia A.Kazmina a report on the meeting of the shareholders of the Savings Bank of Russia on the concept of the bank.

Listen to the reporters and journalists.

The building of the Moscow Bank.

Bank employees are working.

Overview of the situation in financial markets.

Advertising of products of the Moscow Industrial Association "Electrical" All-Russian Society for the Blind.

Production processes, working blind and visually impaired people.

Says CEO of IGO "Electrical Engineering" N.Verin.

Advertising of products and services.

News review of the world economy, exchange rates.

Advertising of products and services.


Brincalov V.A. Plotnikov V. -- Duma chairman of the subcommittee on improving land relations Hlistun V.N. -- statesman Yakovlev V. -- Chairman of the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia Kazjmin A. -- President of the Savings Bank of Russia




Moscow Russia Europe


Spring [825] Day [828]

Industry; Finance; Transportation; Agriculture; Defense and internal security; Domestic policy