The war in Afghanistan (1980-1989)

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Scene №1 The war in Afghanistan

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Juma mosque.

People walk.

The walls of the mosque elders in turbans sitting.

Men come out of the mosque.

Women sitting in a burka, abaya.

Walking children.

Men wash the feet of cranes in the wall.

Worship in the mosque.

People at the mosque.

Soldiers with a gun.

People on the square in front of the mosque.

On the ground sat a woman.

the bikes.

Praying people.

The settlement in the mountains.

Destroyed housing.

Armed soldiers.

Military equipment, artillery pieces.

The street of the city.

Grocery shop.

The seller is weighing goods.

Buyers - teenage boys.

Armed men on the street.

The men checked cars.

The ancient fortress.

Armed men on the walls of the fortress.

The street of the city.

People on the street - men, women, elderly and children.

Are the bags of nuts, cereals.

An elderly man lying on the bags, talking.


Bags - panorama.

The street passes a cart drawn by a donkey.

Passing bicyclists.

It takes an armored war machine.

Armed men on the street.


Bunk beds.

Barred windows.

The prisoners stand beside the bed.

Structure of the prisoners in the prison yard.

Clothes drying on a rope.

General plans for the city.

Urban life on the streets.

Sunset over the city.

Lay the apples.

Boys are trafficked to the trays.

Rubbish on the street.


On the ground lies a dead child, covered with a sheet.

Above him sits a woman in a burqa.

Another child lay on the ground.

Beside him sits a man praying.

Watching people.

Men sell cakes.

People on the streets - different plans.


Are heads of animals.

People buy bread.

Urban life on the streets.

Are the teenage boys.


A woman with a child.

On the bed sat a woman, covering his face.

Medicines, tools.

A doctor examines a child, talking with women.

Children in hospital beds.

Mothers with children.

Boys with burnt faces on the beds.

Fathers of children near the bed.

Doctors in the House.

Parents have beds.


Military equipment.


Refugee camp.

On the ground, people are sitting, children play.

The inspectors from the UN camp.

Distribution of humanitarian aid.

Representatives of the United Nations with the residents of the camp.


People buy bread.

Men and teenage boys rolled out the dough, bake cakes.

People in the market - different plans.

Animal hooves are on the counter.

Buyers in the market, vendors, products - different plans.

Embassy of Italy.

Gas Station.

Gas stations.

The queue for refueling.

People fill with cars.

The armed men.

Machine "Red Cross".

Swiss Branch of the "Red Cross".

The logo on the building.

Statement to journalists.

On the street praying man.

Life on the streets of the city - different plans.


The plane in the sky, flares.

Are the machines, "Red Cross".

Making dentures.

A boy learns to walk on the prosthesis.

People with artificial limbs, on crutches.

Men without legs exercis in the yard of "Red Cross".

The boy goes to the prosthesis with the help of men.

Making dentures.


Men in wheelchairs.

Travel by road past the ruined settlements.

Life on the streets.

Military equipment on the streets.

The streets of the city.


Education of the Soldiers.

The commander says the device arms, shows the details.

Are the military recruits.

Firing the gun.


Flying a helicopter at the helicopter's open door sits the military.

Land (from the helicopter).

Helicopters in the air.

The helicopter lands.

Helicopters in the sky.

The military camp.


The remains of an animal on earth.

Stretcher on the ground.

Panorama of the neighborhood.

Helicopter lands.

Calendar: 80th

Locations: Herat, Afghanistan

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