Plots of Boris Yeltsin (1990-1993)

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Scene №1 Plots of Boris Yeltsin

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Summer 1990: Boris Yeltsin at a meeting in his office.

Those present at the table at the meeting.

Communication on the intercom.

Yeltsin says about the situation of fishermen Primorye.

The building of the Office of receiving and processing the Navy Industrial Association Sakhalin fishing industry.

The car in front of traffic police.

Yeltsin goes out of the building, sits in the car "Volga".

Directions to the street in the rain.

Landscapes of the Sakhalin region.

Hands on the steering wheel car.

Meeting people of Sakhalin in the hall, a meeting with Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin responds to the questions of the villagers.

The persons assembled in the hall.

Yeltsin goes to the factory for the production of paper and talking with workers and managers in the shops.

1991: Boris Yeltsin's meeting with the Chairman of the Supreme Council of Lithuania, Vytautas Landsbergis, the conversation about the Russian-Lithuanian relations.

Boris Yeltsin enters the room, greets members of foreign delegations at the table talking.

Government car "ZIL" with a flag of Russia.

Winter: ZIL go to the Kremlin.

Interview with Boris Yeltsin in the PDR before a meeting of the Congress of People's Deputies.

Boris Yeltsin in the hall of PDR.

Various passages Yeltsin, speeches, meetings with voters.

Interview with Boris Yeltsin around the house to the sovereignty of Russia, on ways of overcoming the crisis.

Directions to the Manege Square, pass through the territory of the Kremlin meeting with people.

Flags of Russia and the United States on the table.

1991: Meeting in the Kremlin, Boris Yeltsin and U.S. President George Bush Senior.

Interview of Russian and U.S. delegations at the table.

Members of the Russian delegation: G.Popov, Lukin, G.Burbulis, Rutskoi, I.Silaev, A. Kozyrev and others

George Bush at the negotiating table.

Boris Yeltsin and George Bush Interview on the sidelines.

Yeltsin speaks to the press on the outcome of the meeting with the President of the United States.

Translator at work.

George Bush says about the outcome of the meeting.

Boris Yeltsin and George Bush are on the corridor.

George Bush sits in the car at the Kremlin.

Motorcade vehicles moving in the direction of the Cathedral Square.

Presidential ZIL.

Spring-Summer 1991: Boris Yeltsin, A. Kozyrev, A.Korzhakov out of the building.

Yeltsin gives an interview about the night a meeting of three presidents, of relations with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Stand A.Shohin, A. Kozyrev, Rutskoi.

The meeting at the Manege Square.

People with Russian flags and slogans in support of Boris Yeltsin and against Mikhail Gorbachev.

Yeltsin says in front of his house on 2nd Tverskaya street (no sound), sits in the car "Moskvich", the car moves along Tverskaya Street towards the Kremlin.

Yeltsin goes through Red Square in the Kremlin, welcomes people.

Employees are held in a building in the Kremlin.

1990: Chairman of the RSFSR Supreme Soviet Boris Yeltsin at a press conference at the end of the fourth Congress of People's Deputies.

India, New Delhi in January 1993: People on a holiday - the Day of the Republic.

Military parade on the square.

Soviet equipment in the Indian army parade.

Report on the streets of Delhi.

Indian money.

The military on the streets.

Traffic on the street.

The correspondent on the streets of Delhi.

Evening: The Russian aircraft at the airport in Delhi.

Yeltsin, N.Eltsina down the ladder.


Says Boris Yeltsin (without sound).

Directions to the evening streets of Delhi.

Yeltsin, N.Eltsina meetings with political leaders of India.

Says Boris Yeltsin on the street.

The headquarters of the Confederation of Indian Industry: incoming inspection of the building, a working breakfast with Boris Yeltsin.

Report on city streets.

Yeltsin stands in front of Indian entrepreneurs.

The correspondent on the street.

Visiting the grave of Mahatma Gandhi Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin plants a tree.

The ancient Hindu temple-museum.

Boris Yeltsin and N.Eltsina grasping a pillar in the temple.

Interview with Boris Yeltsin in the museum complex.

Signing of Russian-Indian papers in the Presidential Palace, including the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation.

Are the Indian generals.

P.Grachev signs the document.

Press conference of Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister of India, Rao.


Eljcin B.N. Bush Dzhordzh (starshij) Eljcina N.I. Landsbergis V. -- Lithuanian politician Rao -- Prime Minister of India

Calendar: 1990-1993

Locations: Sakhalin Region [802] Moscow [820] New Delhi (India)

Seasons: Summer [824] Spring [825]

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