The "Position" (1999)

Telecast №24869, 1 part, duration: 0:25:49

Reel №1 The "Position"

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The story about the political situation in Russia.

Yuri's leading stand-Stroyev.



A crowd of townspeople in the street.

Map of Russia.


Spassky tower and St.

Basil's Cathedral.

Blast furnace.

Yevgeny Primakov and Kasyanov, surrounded by journalists.

Sergei Stepashin, giving an interview.

Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov.

Meeting of the State Duma.

Zhirinovsky behind the podium.

The building of the White House.

The sign "the State Duma."

Moscow River.

State Duma deputies in the courtroom.

Monitors from the speakers.

The factory shop.

The story of oil in Sakhalin.

Sea of ​​Okhotsk.

Oil terminal in the sea.

The work of oil producers.

Sync with Igor Farkhutdinova,

Governor of Sakhalin region.

On the problems of the Russian legislation

the oil industry.

People of Asian appearance.

Interviews with residents of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Speculate who will win more

from the project "Sakhalin".

Oil platform at sea.

Two tugs pull it behind him.

Synchron Alexander Kohno,

representative of SBM.

Talking about the oil platform.

Tanker at sea.

Stand-up lead on the tanker.

Synchron Victor Malecki, captain of the tanker "Okha".

The port types.

The sign "Korsakov port."

Reporter stand-up on the shore near the water.


On the sand the words "Sakhalin".

The plot on foreign investments.




Perm Engine Company.

The shop of the plant.

The assembly of aircraft engines.

The work of professionals.

Synchron Viktor Kobelev,

General Director of JSC "Perm Motors".

Talking about the plant and civil aviation.

Aircraft engines.

Types of shops.

Work on the assembly.

Synchron Yuri Reshetnikov, General

Director of JSC "Perm Engine Company."

On participation in the production of American money and expertise.

Room with computers.

Experts at work.



The aircraft on the airfield.

The plot of the joint Russian-American

venture "Dialogue."

Visiting the General Director of JV "Dialogue"

Peter Semenovich Zrelova.

The courtyard houses.

Zrelov of hives.


Pickles on the shelves.

Banks with tomatoes, cucumbers.

Berries in the banks.


Family dinner.

The building company "Dialogue."


Offices, classrooms.

Stand with your photos.

Council of Elders "Dialogue."

Sync with Peter Zrelovym.

Describes the creation of the enterprise.

Zrelov in his office.

Employees in the workplace.

Zrelov in his kitchen.

Zrelovu state awards are given.

Order "For Merit" large.

The story about a Russian farmer Dmitry Romak.

Kaluga Region, Dzerzhinsky District.


Cows graze in a field.

Abandoned farm buildings.

Meat processing plant.

Cutting meat carcasses.


Old women on the bench.


Employees of the farm.

Synchron Gennady Sklyar, head of the

Representation of the Government of the Kaluga region.

Refrigerators with the meat.

Racks with sticks of sausage.

People in the store.

The plot of the confectionery factories

"Rot Front" and "Red October".

Candy and chocolate production "Rot Front".

Synchron Karpunina Anatolia,

General Director of JSC "Rot Front".

He says the high summer temperatures

and reducing production.

Molding chocolates.

Sweets in store.

Pastry shop.

The conveyor of sweets.

Synchron Anatoly Daursky, President

factory "Red October".

Talking about competitors and sugar.


Saleswoman for the cash register.


Showcases with candy.

Synchron Anatoly Daursky, President

factory "Red October".

Speaks of the pleasure is candies.

Shop "Rot Front" with the new equipment.

The new lines.

Synchron Karpunina Anatolia,

General Director of JSC "Rot Front".

On taxes that hinder the development of the enterprise.

Chocolate is in the range.

Chocolate teddy bear with a medal.

The story about the rest of the Primorsky Krai.

Primorsky Krai.

The Pacific coast.



A man on a sailboat.

Shooting landscapes and water from boat to boat.


Holidaymakers on the beach.

Tourist lodges.

People with backpacks.

Girl jumping on a rock.

Travelers around the campfire.



Sign tourist base.

The final stand-up presenter.


Stepashin S.V. -- statesman and political figure Primakov E. M. -- statesman and political figure Kasjyanov M. M. -- statesman and political figure Skuratov Yu. I. -- statesman Zhirinovskij V.V. -- statesman and political figure Farhutdinov I. P. -- statesman and political figure Karpunin A. A. -- industrialist, the head of Daurskij A. N. -- industrialist, the head of

Calendar: 1999

Locations: Moscow [820]


City, State Duma

Seasons: Summer [824]

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