Creative evening N.I.Denisova poet ("The Mystery of Ilyich") (1994)

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Scene №1 Creative evening N.I.Denisova poet ("The Mystery of Ilyich")

The audience in the auditorium.

On the stage were the leading concert announcer S.Morgunova.

On stage the participants of the concert - A.Veski, V.Yurin, A.Potemkin, L.Dolina,

N. Babkina, poet N.Denisov.

N.Denisov welcomes visitors who came to the recital and presentation of the book "Mistress of the cabaret - destiny" and CD "The Secret".

V.Lopatnikov perform arias from the musical "Gelsomino", the composer at the piano, composer A.Klevitsky.

V.Lopatnikovu presented with flowers.

V.Lopatnikov playing with words of gratitude; N.Denisovu presents a basket of flowers.

N.Denisov announces speech I.Butskova young singer.

I.Butskov performs songs in music B.Potemkina, N.Denisova words: "Evil Spirit" ("Walking in the moonlight ...") and "I'm in love."

Singer Marina Tskhai performs the song "Gloomy, bored, sad for the window .."

R.Luzhansky sings "Woman of Mystery."

Reno with cabaret singer performs songs based on poems N.Denisova "Hello."

N.Denisov is a composer, performer A.Kovalevskogo.

A.Kovalevsky song "Muscovite" and "Fairy Spring".

M.Hlebnikova sings the verses and music Denisova Klevitskogo "If terribly alone in the woods .."

Acts composer, singer A.Kosinsky with "Shalunya."

A.Potemkin song "ADIDAS" and "Red Heifer".


Denisov N.I -- playwright, poet, actor Klevickij A. -- composer Hlebnikova M. -- chanteuse Babkina N. Veski A. Dolina L. Kosinskij A. -- composer, singer Potemkin A. -- singer, showman Kovalevskij A. -- singer, composer Chaj M. -- chanteuse Buckov I. -- crooner Lopatnikov V. -- crooner Luzhanskij R. -- singer

Calendar: 1994

Locations: Moscow [820]

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