In search of the genre (Yemen). (1993 - 1994)

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Reel №1 In search of the genre (Yemen)

Panorama of the city by the sea.

The streets of Aden.

Car drives, behind the wheel - a representative Sovbunkera and Russian shipping companies.

Fishmongers - different plans.

Merchant Burke, weighing fish.

The streets of Aden - removed from the movement.

Trade in fruits and vegetables at the market.

Visitors at the tables in street cafe.

A man washing a car.

Vehicles on a city street.

Travel on the highway along the coast, ships at sea.

The territory of Aden bunker department. (Aden bunkering department).

Unloading the van, are Yemeni workers.

Aden bunker staffed department.

Ships at berth.

Russian representative at home in Aden watches on TV shooting his family in Russia.

Ophthalmic hospital in Yemen.

Patients in the registry, in line at the office.

Russian ophthalmologists are receiving patients.

Interviews with doctors.

Ophthalmologists perform operation.

Seashore in the evening; fishing boats near the shore.

Floating fishing boat, the fisherman shows fish caught.

Fishermen pulled to shore caught fish - different plans.

Sale of fish on the shore.

Yemeni student interviews Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba in Moscow.

Pass students of different nationalities.

The streets of Aden, are women in national dress.

Women look at clothing store; do housework.

People on the streets of Moscow, passengers are boarding a bus.

Man sells pens.

Yemeni women in national costumes - different plans.

Interview Yemeni women (simultaneously in Arabic).

Said Yemeni student (Moscow).


Types of Yemen; national holiday.

Are men with birds of prey, are armed men.

National dances, dancing men with guns on their shoulders.

Men fired from rifles - the competition.

Children with guns in their hands eating ice cream.

Interview Yemeni students in Moscow.

Evening Aden - different plans.

Police station, the police work.

Interview Colonel - Chief of the police station.

The streets of Yemen.

Male cat chews (narcotic leaves)

Interview Yemeni students in Moscow.

Men chew cat, sale kata in the streets of Aden.

Report on the streets of Moscow.

Buyers from commercial stalls.

Yemeni students say.

Of fruit; evening streets of Yemeni cities.

Baking bread.

Street vending clothing, fruits, vegetables (evening).


Streets, street trading, vegetable market - fruit.

Gold Street in the center of Sanaa - showcases jewelry store jewelry.

Interview with the shop owner.

In the streets of Sanaa passing cars, a horse gallops man.

Sale of cars.

Street - removed from the vehicle (day, evening)

Press Conference of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Panorama of the city, the minarets.


Sea trial.

Monument in Aden - The Two Towers and the wall between them - a symbol of unification of South and North Yemen.


Building of Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba. - Summer.

Pass, talk Yemeni students.

Interview Yemeni students in Moscow on relations between Russia and Yemen.

Election posters streets of Yemen, Yemeni interview on elections.

TV studio.

Yemeni television correspondent is reporting a polling station.

Yemenis vote at the polling station - different plans.

Press Conference of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

The streets of Moscow in the summer, the Moscow River.

Flying the Russian flag, the building of the White House.

Passing cars.

Yemen says a student.

Monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl".

Monument in the Independence Square in Yemen.

Interview Yemeni businessmen.

The streets of Yemen - different plans.

Press conference of the Government of Yemen.

Yemeni children - different plans.


Ali Abdalla Saleh -- President of Yemen







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