News stories about Vladimir Putin. (2000 - 2004)

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Scene №1 News stories about Vladimir Putin

05.2000: inauguration ceremony of the President of the Russian Federation: meeting in the Kremlin's St.

George Hall, to make banners, Putin out of the car, part of the Kremlin, an orchestra, Putin is on the red carpet of the Kremlin Palace, the room is The first Russian President Boris Yeltsin.

Those present at the inauguration: Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, chairman of CEC A.A.Veshnyakov, First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Khristenko, etc.

Putin enters the Kremlin's St.

George Hall, passes on the red carpet, welcoming applause.

Smacks Yeltsin.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower - 12:00.

A.Veshnyakov acts.

Chairperson of the Constitutional Court M.V.Baglay.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Plea Putin.

Cheering in the audience.

Raised the Russian flag, anthem.

Are Putin and Yeltsin.

2001: Vladimir Putin and U.S. President George Bush at the meeting.

The corridor is Russian Security Council Secretary Sergei Ivanov.

The negotiations at the table.

U.S. flag.

George Bush says.

Streets of Washington (USA).

Putin gives an interview with American broadcaster ABC, BBC, says the 1972 ABM Treaty.

Stand Ivanov and Rice.

Rice enters the room, greets Secretary of the Russian Security Council Rushailo, comes to the table with the Russian side.

George Bush speaks.

Putin stands.

Listen to the Russian military.

Rice and talks Rushailo in Moscow.

Putin greeted with George Bush.

11/15/2001: Vladimir Putin and George Bush in Texas, President of Russia and the USA.

2001: Along the path are Vladimir Putin and George Bush, take pictures.

George Bush in a cowboy hat in a car on a ranch in Texas.

Photographers and reporters.

Flags of Russia and the USA.

The White House in Washington.

Speech by George Bush to the White House.

The streets of Washington.


Vladimir Putin and George Bush shaking hands, chatting by the fire.

Vladimir Putin and George Bush held, appear at the White House.


White House.


The streets of Washington.

The police in the building.

Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov at the airport, in the background plane, "Russia."

USA: The White House, the police on the street.

Speech by George Bush to the White House.

White House.

Correspondents on the lawn.

Along the path are Vladimir Putin and George Bush, take pictures.

Flags of the U.S. and Russia.

Capitol building.

George Bush at the ranch in Texas.

Correspondent says the hardware studio.

11/09/2001: The aircraft crashed into the World Trade Center towers in New York.

Building of the White House.

Along the path are Vladimir Putin and George Bush, take pictures.

Flags of the U.S. and Russia.

The Kremlin wall, the Kremlin embankment (spring).

Russian flag on the building of the Kremlin palace.


Washington Street.

Monument to Yuri Gagarin Square in Moscow.

Putin, L.Putina, George Bush and B.Bush under umbrellas on a ranch in Texas.

George Bush at the wheel of the car, in the passenger seat Putin.

Putin stands (on trade relations with the United States) at the University in Waco.

Waco (Texas).

Putin and L.Putin the helicopter, Putin sits in the helicopter.

Americans waving flags.

Putin's speech on television with condolences to the victims of the terrorist attack 11.09.2001.

Putin's speech in Sevastopol, standing next to Defense Minister I.D.Sergeev.

Putin said the terrorist attacks in New York, the expansion of NATO to the east.

Putin's conversation in the office.

Vladimir Putin, Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov and negotiating table with representatives of NATO.

Vladimir Putin and George Bush held the White House.

Correspondents on the street.

Putin stands, invites to Russia George Bush.

Putin's speech.

09.2001: New York City, destroyed the twin towers.

Vladimir Putin and George Bush talk in my office.

Charred building after the September 11 attacks, running technique, analysis of blockages (evening).

Putin, L.Putina visit the place of the tragedy, along with the mayor of New York R.Dzhuliani.

Are firefighters.

Putin's record on the poster, a wreath of Russia.

U.S. flag.

Technique works on analysis of the debris.

France: Vladimir Putin and his wife visit the cemetery of Sainte-Genevieve du Bois cemetery alley, serves Putin.

Passing government cars.

Putin meets with French President Jacques Chirac.

Russian delegation to the negotiations with the members of the French parliament chambers.

Paris: A ship sailing on the Seine, people on the street, and the Eiffel Tower.

Residence Marina, police around the building.

Vladimir Putin meets with French businessmen.

Passing government cars.

A police officer on the phone.

Putin in the Luxembourg Gardens, an orchestra.

Putin and L.Putina in the Louvre.

Aircraft at the airport at Orly.

Putin out of the plane with his wife, they are met by the Minister of Agriculture of France.

Putin is on the red carpet past the guard of honor, sits in the car.

The streets of Paris.

Elysee Palace.

Traffic on the street.

Putin and his wife in the Louvre at the statue of Venus de Milo.

Nearby is the Minister of Culture of Russia M. Shvydkoy.

The building of the Louvre, the fountains in the square.

Russian-French talks

Putin said, sitting next to Russian Economic Development Minister Gref.

The cortege passes through the streets of Paris.

It should be an honor guard.

Veterans of World War 2 greet Putin.

Laying a wreath at the Etoile at the Eternal Flame.

Vladimir Putin and Jacques Chirac at the Elysee Palace.

The negotiations at the table.

Chirac is sitting at the table.

Putin, Ivanov and Viktor Khristenko at the table.

Chirac stands.

Putin speaks about the situation in Chechnya.

The streets of Paris.


Putin V.V.
Putina L. -- Putin's wife
Eljcin B.N.
Aleksij II
Veshnyakov A.A.
Hristenko V.B. -- statesman
Baglaj M.V. -- statesman
Ivanov S.B. -- statesman
Rajs K. -- U.S. Secretary of State
Rushajlo V.B. -- statesman
Bush D. (mladshij) -- U.S. President
Bush B. -- wife of George Bush
Kasjyanov M.M. -- statesman
Sergeev I.D. -- serviceman
Dzhuliani R. -- American politician
Shirak Zhak -- French politician, President of France
Ivanov I.S. -- statesman
Gref G. -- statesman


2000 - 2004


Texas, New York, Washington, DC (USA)
Paris (France)



Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Domestic policy