International festival of humor and satire "Golden Ostap". (1995)

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Scene №1 International festival of humor and satire "Golden Ostap"

On a stage entertainer and playwright V.Slavkin.

On stage, author and host of "Titles and special effects" S.Belogolovtsev, V. Antonov.

On stage actor BDT K.Lavrov.

On stage, the authors of the Yekaterinburg magazine-newspaper "Red wash."

Ensemble performs "Russian Song" N. Babkina, performs gypsy folk song.

Posters sponsors of the festival on the stage.

Curtain closes at intermission.

Entertainer on stage.

Acts directed E.Ryazanov, invites to the stage actor A. Shirvindt.

A. Shirvindt E.Ryazanov and on stage.

A. Shirvindt E.Uspenskogo rewarding writer.

Sing the song of the show "in our harbor ship went."

Rewarding O.Florenskoy director ("Mitka") M.Derzhavinym.

In the "playwright" award and receive M.Uspensky V. Vishnevsky, handed writer's daughter I. Ilf - A.Ilf, B.Strugatsky writer and editor in chief of the "Crocodile" A.Pyanov.

On stage, the UNESCO representative A.B.Tarelin and artistic director of the St.

Petersburg home of satire and humor L.Nemirovsky.

Awarding prizes L.Novozhenovym and M.Mishinym creative team of "mouths of babes" - A.Gurevich, S.Pehnyatskomu, V.Brazhnikovu.

Awarding winning director of "Golden Ostap" Shchedrin from the company "Delta Telecom".

R.Kartsev and world champion chess player P.Svidler awarded prize in V.Peskovu cartoonist.

Journalistic prize jury awarded L.Ahedzhakovoy and Z.Gerdtu.

The prize for best film awarded film "Peculiarities of the National Hunt" - directed A.Rogozhkin, and prizes will be awarded L.Kuravlev O.Volkova.

L.Kuraslevu presents the Order of the "Golden Fleece", the prize is awarded and Z.Gerdt E.I.Ratner.

To render the scene poster JSC "Baltic Financial and Industrial Group", "Bank Saint Petersburg" and other sponsors.

On the scene and Z.Gerdt L.Kuravlev.

Rewarding L.Kuravleva order.

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Belogolovcev S.
Lavrov K.Yu. -- film and theater actor
Babkina N.
Ryazanov E. -- filmmaker
Shirvindt A.A. -- film and theater actor
Derzhavin M. -- film and theater actor
Florenskaya O. -- artist, producer
Iljf A. -- daughter of the writer I. Ilf
Pjyanov A. -- satirical poet, journalist
Uspenskij M. -- writer
Vishnevskij V.
Strugackij B. -- writer
Novozhenov L. -- journalist, broadcaster
Mishin M. -- satirist
Peskov V. -- cartoonist
Ahedzhakova L. -- theater and film actress
Gerdt Z. -- film and theater actor
Kuravlev L. -- actor
Volkova O. -- actress
Rogozhkin A. -- filmmaker




St. Petersburg

Culture and Arts