Russia's armed forces. (1988 - 1990)

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Scene №1 Russia's armed forces

Nuclear Center: Interview Director of the Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction Major General V.I.Medvedeva.

Employees of the center of the computer, electronic watches, computers, military office.

Proving ground missiles.

Foreign observers at the site, the explosion, the destruction of missiles.

Soviet military units in Berlin: the soldiers on the parade ground, a soldier's canteen, military band, dental office, barracks, fizzaryadka, a soldier in the medical unit, the soldiers in the store.

12.1990: Nizhny Novgorod (Gorky) - construction of housing for officers, moving to a new home, the children in the yard.

Military unit: tanks in hangars, shrouded tanks on the streets, repairing military tanks.

Housing for military personnel: apartment interior, a young woman in the room, the decor apartment, strollers on the landing, the children in the apartment, a communal kitchen, a poster, "Bon appetit!".

Special Forces doctrine: the capture of terrorists working out, martial arts, sortie landing by helicopter.

Gorbachev's speech at the convention.

02.1989: The Return of the Soviet troops from Afghanistan, Boris Gromov in the military, meeting with friends in the plane.

07/11/1990: Gorbachev, Lukyanov, Ryzhkov welcome people from the rostrum of the Mausoleum, the troops are on parade, passing anti-aircraft missile system.

Seascape, a ship at sea.

Disciplinary battalion of the Navy (Penal Battalion) are military, barbed wire, cameras, soldiers at the quarry, interviews military dining troop of soldiers (on camera), warship at sea.

07/11/1990: Military parade on Red Square.

Clock in the hallway of a disciplinary battalion.


Medvedev V.I. -- Maj.-Gen.
Gromov B.V. -- military leader and politician
Gorbachev M.S.
Lukjyanov A.I.
Rizhkov N.I.


1988-1990 02.1989: The withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan 07/11/1990: Military parade on Red Square


Berlin (Germany)
Nizhny Novgorod



Defense and internal security; Social life; Domestic policy