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Reel №1 "The Flow"

The plot of "The Vandals from Orenburg"

Memorial on Victory Avenue in Orenburg.

Monuments to soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, disfigured by vandals - stolen metal plaques with the names of fallen soldiers.

Detained on suspicion of committing an act of vandalism at the police station.

Memorial, people are passing.

Found criminals details monuments.

Interview with the Chief of the Central Criminal Police Department of Internal Affairs A.Malova.

Interview detainees.

Point for scrap metal, where the Vandals passed metal plates with the memorial.

Memorial and lights the eternal flame.

Story "of the investigation Tax Police Service of Moscow"

The newspaper "The tax police."

Tax officials conducted searches in the office, looking at documents.

The building of the Russian Tax Police Department.

Press conference of deputy head of the Federal Tax Police Service of Russia in Moscow M.Slinko.

Office, professional staff.

Tax police conducted searches, count the dollar bills, reviewing financial documents.

Soldiers of the special forces before leaving the surgery take arms.

M.Slinko said.

Armed police rush out of the building, get in the car.

Press conference N.Slinko and other members of the tax police.

N.Slinko said.

Protocol on administrative violation.

Are employees of the tax police.

The plot of "Ptitseprom Russia"

Food market: counters, sellers, buyers - removed from the top point.

Sale of U.S. chicken legs ("Bush legs").

Company store JSC "Snowball."

Interview with the head of the poultry farm.

Poultry Farm "Snowball" - chickens, workers checked and packed eggs.

Boxing chicken carcasses - different plans.

Preparation center; Worker.

Said the head of the poultry farm.

Sale of legs on the food market.

An elderly woman is considering chicken legs.

The plot of "Small business support in Vladivostok"

People at the bulletin board on the availability of vacancies in the urban centers of employment.

Interview of the Director of the Center for Support of Small Business and Entrepreneurship I.Maksudovoy.

Sausage shop, assembly line at the creamery, a bulldozer into a career.

I.Maksudova said.

Production workshop at the Center for woodworking.

Company, making fur, mink fur coats.

The streets of Vladivostok and Port.

The plot of "Rescue Organization at« Orsknefteorgsintez "

Drill - run fire with water cannon, extinguishing "fire".

Housing refinery and synthetic alcohol plant JSC "Orsknefteorgsintez"

Fire truck rides, fire run.

Cost estimates and rescue services.

Rescuers on theoretical lessons in the classroom - different plans.

Fire truck, tow truck in the parking lot of the gas service.

Interview with the head of rescue services V.Panferova.

Firefighters in exercises - different plans.

The plot of "Week of Great Britain in Ekaterinburg"

The Museum of Fine Arts, in which the British held a photo exhibition.

The building of the cinema "October", Billboard Film Week UK.

Meeting of the representative of the British Council in Russia T.Endryusa with members of the city administration.

Iset River, bridge.

Attractions in Yekaterinburg - different plans.

Memorial stone on the site of the death of the royal family.

People on the streets of the city.

T.Endryusa conversation with the leadership of Yekaterinburg.

T.Endryus covers the major areas of work of the British Council in the Urals (not simultaneously).

Yekaterinburg area - a monument to Lenin, passing cars, tram.

The plot of "Guslyar from Novgorod V.Surikov"

Photos Surikov, posters.

V.Surikov with his wife and granddaughter at home.

Old photographs of Novgorod.

Interview Surikov.

The plot of "New sensation of British scientists'

Press Conference by British geneticist, cloned sheep Dolly, a statement about the ability of the artificial creature to reproduce naturally.

Dolly the sheep in the pen.

Meeting room.

Interview representatives of the European Commission of the prohibition in law on human cloning experiments.

Laboratory, experiments.

The plot of "Romania"

Homeless children on the streets of Bucharest - different plans.

Children - substance abusers.

Signpost Lindenberg.

Humanitarian aid from Germany for Romanian children - orphans.

Shelter for homeless children - room, children play ping-pong.

Interview the girl.

Organizer of orphans told.

Old bus converted into a shower room.

Homeless children at the station.

Children descend into the manhole.

Home for the elderly Romanian Germans, built with funding from the German government.

Older people in the dining room on the walk.

Interior room, an elderly woman considering an album of photographs of relatives, give interviews.

Older women do needlework.

The plot of "The Feast in honor of the harvest lemons in France"

Plantation of lemon trees, the fruit of the trees.

Says the hostess plantation.

Meals and beverages made from lemons.

Parade in the streets of the city, is wheeling huge figure of lemons.

Tourists on holiday.

Palace made from citrus fruits, in the park.


Cote d'Azur.

The plot of "Women's channel in Germany"

The audience and the presenters in the studio.

Interview leaders channel "Ultima talk show"

Fragments of television.

Hardware, staffed channel.

Women in the street give their opinion on the new channel.


Surikov V.A. -- musician guslar




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