The events of August 1991 (coup) (1991)

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Scene №1 The events of August 1991 (coup)

Policemen check the papers of members of the White House.

On the floor, sleeping soldiers.

Packages of food, canned food at the reception buffet, a pack of cigarettes and a cigarette on a shelf.

In piles masks.

Talks to a group of people, among them - Army General.

The demonstrators in the square in front of the White House, he spoke.

Flags of Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan in the crowd, the protesters chanted: "Yeltsin, Yeltsin!".

Balloon with flags in the air over the protesters.

The participants listened to speakers, applauding, shouting.

Women prepare sandwiches - removed from the top point.

He spoke.

Acts filmmaker S.Govoruhin (synchronously).

Meeting of the special session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.

At the podium - R.Hasbulatov.

MPs act - different plans.

Actor acts O.Basilashvili.

MPs talking in the break.

Passes, took the podium Yeltsin.

From the podium stands R.Hasbulatov (synchronously).

Members of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR registered before the meeting.

T.Gdlyan told reporters on the sidelines of his arrest on the orders of the Emergency Committee.

Interview G.Yakunina priest.

G.E.Burbulis greets the sidelines, talking with deputies.

Armed guards at the entrance to the meeting room, the deputies present the documents are held in the hall.

People under umbrellas in front of the White House (filmed from the window.)

Deputies, reporters on the sidelines - different plans.

Talk, go down the hall and S.Govoruhin N.I.Travkin.

I.S.Silaev and other government members in the courtroom.

Remove cameramen, photographers.

Boris Yeltsin, and other R.Hasbulatov sit in the stand.

R.Hasbulatov announce the agenda for the session - on the political situation in the country.

From the podium stands R.I.Hasbulatov.

Yeltsin stands - reveals the attempts unconstitutional coup, the isolation in Foros President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Deputies in the hall.

I.S.Silaev speech to MPs - proposes that he and A.Rutskomu trip in Foros.

Voting in the hall.

MPs listen to speakers speakers.


Hasbulatov R.I. Eljcin B.N. Govoruhin S. Basilashvili O. Gdlyan T. Yakunin G.P. Burbulis G.E. Travkin N.I.

Calendar: August 1991

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Summer [824] Day [828] Cloudy [832] Rain [833]

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