The events of August 1991 (coup). (1991)

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Scene №1 The events of August 1991 (coup)

Press conference of Boris Yeltsin during the August 1991 events.

Boris Yeltsin, speaking to journalists, says Yanayev, the impossibility of contact with Gorbachev, located in Foros.

At the conference there - I.Silaev, R.Hasbulatov, A.Kozyrev and other members of the government.

After the conference Yeltsin and others withdrew.

The journalists in the room - different plans.

A column of tanks drove up to the White House.

A group of people trying to stop the movement of the tank, a man gets on the tank, a man lies on the pavement in front of the tank.

A group of men gets on the tank, trying to hit the tanker.

Cars, tanks, and the crowd in front of the White House, remove TV reporters.

Policeman talking to a tanker.

Gathered at the White House talking to police, banging on the tank.

Demonstrators at the building of an arena.

KGB General O.D.Kalugin talking to women on the streets of Moscow.

The streets of Moscow is a crowd of demonstrators, people chant: "Yeltsin!

Yeltsin! "

Demonstrators with the Russian flag are on Novy Arbat, coming to the White House.

Before playing R.Hasbulatov demonstrators (synchronous).

R.Hasbulatov accompanied by protection goes to the White House, speaking to journalists and members of the manifestation.

Tanks, protesters at the White House - different plans.

White House - different plans.

A column of tanks passes through the streets of Moscow.

Report on the streets of Moscow - different plans.

Government House of the Russian Federation, the tanks of the White House.

The demonstrators on the tank.

People talk to a priest.

Police officers are turning to the audience at the White House with a request to allow the tanks to turn around and leave, gathered applauded.

Armored column on Manezh Square.

Demonstrators talk to the soldiers.

I.S.Silaev runs down the hall, goes to the office.

I.S.Silaev answers questions about the state of emergency, of a coup attempt, on the situation in the country.

I.Silaev talking on the phone with Boris Yeltsin.

The sign "Chairman of the RSFSR Council of Ministers."

I.Silaev passes along the corridor.

Staffed stations of the Supreme Soviet of Russia.

Special Forces soldier at the door of the reception at the White House.

A group of MPs leaves at troops.

Demonstrators dismantled stone blocks in Hunchback Bridge (Konyushkovskaya Street).

Monument "Heroes-retainers, combatants in Krasnaya Presnya."

People sit around the campfire.


Eljcin B.N.
Silaev I.S.
Hasbulatov R.I.
Kozirev A.
Kalugin O.D. -- KGB Major General, politician


August 1991





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