Special Forces doctrine. (1994)

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Scene №1 Special Forces doctrine

Joint exercises of Russian and Jordanian special forces soldiers.

Evening landscape - the sky, clouds, forest, field.

Soldiers - different plans.

Anemometer (a device for measuring the force of the wind), the soldiers in the unit.

A soldier looks into an optical instrument.

Headbands with the word "duty to landing area" on the sleeve of the military.

Is a group of officers.

Parachutist lands.

Helicopter in the air, jumping out of a helicopter jumpers.

Parachutists in the air - different plans.

Paratroopers land in a meadow - different plans.

Canopy on the tree.

Birch Grove.

The meadow is a group of soldiers with equipment.

A group of soldiers in a clearing in the forest.

The soldiers set in the forest line of communication; signalman in the headphones.

Smoke soldiers.

A group of soldiers with the commander.

Birch Grove.

Soldiers cut, sawing trees.

Parachutists land - different plans.

Soldiers with the equipment are on the edge of the forest, hiding behind trees.

The soldiers set the field station, buzzer makes the log entry.

The soldiers spread out in a clearing equipment, machine, pack, camouflage parachutes.

Soldiers with the equipment running through a meadow, run along the forest - different plans.

Flying a helicopter.

The soldier with the field station.

Parachutists in the air - different plans.

Parachutist lands, detachable parachute.

On the way is a band of soldiers in camouflage.

Communicators in the radio; a cross, a compass on his chest soldier.

Parachutists land - different plans.

Soldiers pack parachutes after landing, pass through a meadow.

Helicopter skydivers in the air, landing.

Soldiers fold parachutes in backpacks.

Failure to properly land - parachute caught on the crown of the tree, the soldiers coming down the tree trunk, the soldiers pull together a parachute from a tree.

Different plans going through the woods soldiers.

Is a group of officers.

Soldiers drink water from the jar.

Soldiers looking at maps, discuss the job.

A group of soldiers with guns and ammunition is a meadow, suitable for a military truck.

The inspection records the time of arrival of soldiers.

Russian and Jordanian soldiers at rest.

A group of soldiers pass through a meadow.

Pass, run, formation of soldiers - different plans.

Soldiers with the equipment on the riverbank.


Are soldiers - different plans.

Soldiers and commanders during a halt - different plans.

Riverbank meadow at dawn.

Reflection of clouds in the river, fog over the water.

Tent, military vehicles on the banks of the river.

Soldiers with pump inflated rubber boats.

The soldiers put on camouflage face makeup, undress, packs in waterproof bags.

It takes a group of soldiers with equipment and machines.

Soldiers packs in waterproof bags.

Soldiers and commanders in inflatable boats crossing the river.

Soldiers with bags swim cross the river - different plans.

Soldiers wear backpacks on bare torsos.

Soldiers with packed in waterproof bags gear go to the river.







Defense and internal security; Foreign policy