Business Russia (1995)

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Scene №1 Topics of the news program "Business Russia"

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The plot of the gallery Bryansk city street, said gallery director V.Lazarev, halls gallery.

Premiere of the film in the Cinema Center: fragmentyavstraliyskogo film, interviews director of the SKIP-V.Ruzina film, interview with the Deputy Chairman of the Board "Tyumen credit" G.Pelmana, speeches dancing in the lobby, Australian Ambassador to the premiere.

Central office RAO UES; said chief dispatcher CDU A. Bondarenko, said Vice President of RAO "UES of Russia" O.Britvin.

Exhibition fonts little girl at the computer, says M.Golovkin, representative of the Marketing Department, various fonts and says specialist of fonts E.Yakupov.

Signing documents on education "Customs Union" Russia-Kyrgyzstan, said Vice-Premier A.Bolshakov Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek plans, interviews President Askar Akayev, a report to Bishkek.

Checking the markets of Moscow, trading Dorogomilovsky market, jostling in the market, said Vietnamese trader (in Russian), counters with fruit and meat buyers, sale, and shoes on the stalls, interviews police officer N.Nosov.

Interview of the Deputy Head of the Department of Treasury securities M.Chekurovoy.

Interview of the Vice-President "Inkom" A. Kuznetsov.

Interview with the leader of the Party of Economic Freedom K.Borovogo.

The meeting at the Finance Ministry on the issue of compensation contributions.

The plot of the microsatellite, developed in Sweden, and the United States, scientists at work, launch pad, launch missiles (night).

The use of laser in biology research laboratory.

Architecture banks: bank buildings in Moscow, interiors.

Chamber music, plays the violin Yuri Bashmet, interviews artistic director of the ensemble "Moscow Soloists" Bashmet, says organizer R.Balashov evening.

Layout Park "300 years of Petersburg", creation of parks, clean-and says the first deputy mayor of St.

Petersburg, Vladimir Putin.

The signing of the agreement "Russia - Udmurtia": serves Yeltsin, the agreement and the Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin Udmurtia P.Vershininym and delivers P.Vershinin, Viktor Chernomyrdin.

Information Center "Argonaut - Chernozem" in Voronezh.

The deputies in the State Duma, Chairman of the Economic Policy Committee of the State Duma S. Glazyev is interviewed in his office.

Consideration of the draft budget for 1996 to the Federation Council, Russia's finance minister speaks V.Panskov, interviews deputy head of the Krasnoyarsk Territory V.Zubova; press conference V.G.Panskova.

Interview Director of the investment bank "Menatep" A.Golubovicha.

Views of St.


Admiralty building.

Restoration of the spire of the Admiralty.

Premier school of contemporary plays, performance piece, starring V.Talyzina and L.Durov, says director B. Morozov, the audience in the hall, says the director of the theater I.Rayhelgauz.

Tests of the UAZ-3160.

Diamonds to De Beers, the chairman of the Russian Committee for Precious Metals E.Bychkov; diamonds; said General Director of "De Beers" in Russia Raymond Clark.

Sklifosovsky Institute: a laboratory to create biological prostheses vessels, says Research Institute Sklifasovskogo Yu.


JSC "Record Service": repair and household appliances (TVs), the general director of JSC "Record-service" S.Gluh, chips, our expert staff; radiotelephone.

V.Panskova interview.

Press conference of the Association of Russian Banks, an interview on the sidelines of the bank president.

Conference of RAO "UES of Russia" to the President of RAO UES A.Dyakov, interviews A.Dyakova.

Electronics Store "Time Machine" (firm "Party", an assortment of shops, a group of "Time Machine" at the opening of the store, said Andrei Makarevich, interviews director of the "Party" A.Motorina, store design, customers on the street.

Press conference of the Association of Russian Banks, said S.Egorov.

Fair "Intermebel-95" in Voronezh, furniture for the home and office, E.Suhanov stands at the exhibition kitchen.

Construction of the metro stations "Sport" and "Chkalov" in St.

Petersburg, said deputy general director of "St.

Petersburg Metrostroi" S.Meksin, says the mayor of St.

Petersburg A.Sobchak.

Interview with the Minister of Transport of Russia V.Efimova.

Conference of Russian and foreign investment companies, the chairman of the Moscow Committee for the protection of shareholders' rights A.Volgin.

Food and wine exhibition "Loaf-95" in Rostov-on-Don, the products on display, said the deputy director of the company "South Russian Fair" O.Zaharova.

Transport Minister Matthias Viessmann Germany at a meeting in Moscow to sign the agreement.

Speaking at the press conference, the Deputy Minister of Economy S. Vasiliev.

The problem of waste disposal equipment for smelting waste interview employees of JSC "VNIIETO" M.Kisselmana.

Rocket "Proton" in the hangar, on the way to the launch pad at the launch pad, missile production in KB Khrunichev joint development with American scientists, missile launch.

College of improvised music: studies of children with teachers, interviews director of college Yu.

Kozyreva, concert jazz band on stage.

Exhibition - "A deck of cards." Designer E.Kitaevoy Guelman Gallery.


Press conference V.G.Panskova.

Press Conference S. Vasiliev.

Press conference of the Association of Russian Banks, said S.Egorov.

Interview Director of the investment bank "Menatep" A.Golubovicha.

Interview of the Chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Tatarstan E.Bogacheva.

Exhibition "Energoprogress-95" in Sokolniki, the general director of JSC "Moselektroschit" N.Podsoblyaev, said a member of the Board of RAO "UES of Russia" V.Nechaev, said Vice President of RAO "UES of Russia" S.Laschenov.

Interview with Hungarian Ambassador to Russia D.Nanovski.

Interview of the RF Committee on Metallurgy S.Z.Afonina.

5th anniversary of the unification of Germany: Report on the streets, thoroughfares of the city, shops and says M.Vissmann - Minister of Transport of Germany, Berlin Wall, a report on Berlin.

Interview of the President of RAO "UES of Russia" A.Dyakova.

Cartagena - obsch.plan; Conference.

Harvest cloves in Zanzibar, loading bags to the ship.

TV antenna.

The assembly of the Tu-144, newsreels 1969-1971: TU-144 in the air.

Laboratory which produces water-soluble crystals.

WIG CDB name Alexeev.

Yermolova theater: actors A.Dzhigarhanyan, B.Khmelnitskogo, L.Sokolova in the lobby, and on the stage actor and M.Gluzsky A. Smekhova, the audience in the hall of the actors R.Bykov, V.Sanaev E.Sanaeva on stage and the actors Alexander Lazarev and S.Nemolyaeva on the stage, says the general producer of "Paganel" S.Berezina; L. Gurchenko singing, playing the piano M.Dunaevsky and leading evening V.Smehov and A. Smekhova; foey Alexander Lazarev in talks with H .

Gvozdikova, laughing.

Interview with the vice-president of oil company "Yukos" S.Generalova.

Meeting of the Ministry of Finance on the issue of government bonds, said A.Kozmin.

Tourism in Cuba: a souvenir shop plans of Havana, the hotel offers a place Voradero, tourists on the beach, cafes, hotels, oil refinery, a cutter.

The plot of the MiG-25.

A conference of representatives of oil companies.

Gas production on the Yamal Peninsula.

Interview with the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences E. Velikhov.

Interview with Vice President of the Bank of China, Zhang Goven.

Corporation Transuorldgrupp: industrial landscapes, London Plan, view BKD by B.Kamennogo bridge, said the executive director of "Transuold Metals" Alan Behor.

Clients in the National Bank of Tatarstan, interviews E.Bogacheva, work of the bank.

I.Rybkina interview, the chairman of the State Duma.

The chairman of the Moscow Committee for the Protection of the rights of shareholders A.Volgin.

JSC "Baltkran" in Kaliningrad: the 50th anniversary of the plant, the plant work, cooperation with the German company, the head of the concern "Preussag" Lemman Tolkmit.

Exhibition "Computer-95": stand FAPSI, says the head of FAPSI N.Demidov, said Deputy Director of FAPSI I.Romanov.

Interview Acting Bank of Russia Chairman T.Paramonovoy.


Britvin O. -- Vice President of RAO "UES of Russia" Akaev A. -- Kyrgyz politician Borovoj K. -- businessman and politician Paramonova T. Ribkin I. Velihov E. Panskov V.G. -- statesman Eljcin B.N. Putin V.V. Chernomirdin V.S.

Calendar: 10.1995

Locations: Moscow [820] Bryansk Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan St. Petersburg [814] Voronezh Rostov-on-Don Cartagena Zanzibar Cuba (Havana, Voradero) Kaliningrad Tatarstan Yamal

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