Business Russia (1997)

Telecast №25523, 1 part, duration: 0:41:14

Reel №1 Information and analytical program "Business Russia" (RTR and RIA "News").

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Television studio.

Leading studio Elena Starostin, Boris and Eugene Dovnenko Kochergin.

It in the studio on the main theme of release - March 6, the message of the President of the Parliament.

Scene release announcement.

The story of the relations between Russia and Belarus.

Views of Moscow, the Kremlin.

Types of Minsk.

People and cars on the streets.

Farmhouse chicken.

A woman milking a cow.

Shop engineering plant.

Station, the train.

Views of Moscow and Minsk.

Office, work managers.

The White House, Russia.

The plot of the tax revenue.


Moscow, a crowd of people on the streets.

Guenter Spielmann, partner of German department "Ernst - & Young (CIS) Limited" - the need to settle in Russia, the tax system and accounting.

This condition for the arrival of investors (synchronously).

Alexander Shokhin, deputy chairman of the Russian State Duma, the international standards of auditing and accounting.

On the double-entry bookkeeping in Russia (synchronously).

Views of Moscow.

Anatoly Roldugin, senior manager of the tax department "Ernst - & Young (CIS) Limited" - the lack of response from the tax service (synchronously).

Guenter Spielmann the desire of investors to have more clarity in the Russian tax (synchronously).

Shop factories, different industries.

Manufacture of wallpaper.

Spinning mill.


In the frame Evstigneev Vladimir, Deputy Head of the State Tax Service of Russia.

The State Duma, the meeting of deputies.

Moscow street.

Vladimir Evstigneev leniency to the tax system in relation to the young age of the Russian legislation (synchronously).

The White House, general view.

House at Tinkers waterfront.

Stand-Muslim Khuchiev correspondent of God, lottery ticket and the government.

The plot of the insurance market in Russia.



Insurance Supervision Department.

Press conference of Valery Sukhova, head of insurance supervision.

Valery Sukhov about the crisis of the insurance market in Russia (synchronously).

Moscow buildings with advertising foreign companies.

Shooting their cars, street.

Valery Sukhov the need income investments in the economy of the people themselves, not from external sources (synchronously).

Journalists with notepads at the tables.

The plot of the Third All-Russian Congress of Accountants and Auditors.

Kremlin Palace.

Meeting room.

Sign 'Guild of auditors and accountants. "


Members of the Congress are looking booklets.

Chaired Alexander Pochinok, a member of the Duma Committee on Budget, Taxes, Banks and Finance.

Behind the podium Vyacheslav Solovyov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank.

On stage, comprises representatives of Finance.

Moscow River.


Map of Russia.

The plot of the labor market in Russia.

Moscow, city views.


Gennady Melikyan, Minister of Labour and Social Development, the percentage of unemployed on the program of the president to create jobs (synchronously).

Young people, children, students in the streets.

Federal special program "Youth Practice."

Irina Gorodilova, director of the employment "TRIZ", the essence of the program (synchronous).

Enterprise, laboratory.

Young men in white coats have practice under expert guidance.

A large audience of high school.

Students at their desks.

Employment agency.

The work of employees with job seekers.

Irina Gorodilova problems in the employment agencies (synchronously).

The plot of the floating drilling "Shelf-7".


Marine Shipyard.

Floating drilling "Shelf-7".

Sudomontazhny shop, work machines.

Floating drilling, the general form and details.

Hope Karev, chairman of the State Property Fund of the Astrakhan region.

About the uniqueness of the rig and the interest of investors (synchronously).

Overview of events in the world economy.

The plot of the work of scientists in cloning.

It's first cloned mammal - Dolly the sheep.

The experiment was put in by Ian Wilmut Roslinskom Institute in Scotland.

Laboratory scientist works.

Cell under a microscope, division.

European city.

People on the streets, in cafes.

Square with a fountain.

People and pigeons.

Adults, children.

The plot of the sale of the London Underground.



Types of stations.

People trains.

Views of London.

London double-decker buses, dabldekery.

Big Ben.

The plot of the corruption scandal in South Korea.

South Korea.


Kim Young Sam, President of the Republic of Korea, for the podium: brings a public apology for his family.

It's about the corruption scandal surrounding the president's youngest son Hyong Chol.

The scandal caused by the bankruptcy of a major South Korean conglomerate "Khanbiyev."

The President's son, Kim Hyun Chul gets in the car.

Cabinet members and senior leaders of the ruling party to reporters.

Bow to the president.

Views of Seoul.


The election campaign, Kim Young-sam.

The plot of the American claims to pirate market in Russia and other countries.

USA. International Intellectual Property Alliance.

This alliance of claims on Greece, Paraguay, Mexico and Russia.

These countries infringing Manufacturers of America.

The work of the office.

Fragments of American cartoons and movies.

Clapper, a film set.

Work tools, production of computer chips.

The story of anti-smoking campaign in America.

USA. Philip Morris International.

Factory making cigarettes.

Operation of the equipment.

Large packaging of cigarettes.

Conveyor with tobacco.

Blocks Marlboro cigarettes come off the assembly line.


Street, people go.

Smokers in the crowd.

Capitol building.

The plot of the Postage Department of Hong Kong.

Hong Kong.

The exhibition marks the mail department.

Stands with stamps of the 19th century.

Collectors are in a long line before the show.

Unique brand in May 1840.

Modern stamps issued to the transfer of Hong Kong to China.

Stamps featuring Jackie Chan.

Grand opening of the stand.

Jackie Chan to own photos.

Welcomes fans.

Exhibition program.

The plot of the funeral services market in Russia.


Kazan Cathedral.

Large dome with a cross.


Father Arkady, rector of the Kazan Cathedral (synchronously).

Vladimir Matveev, Deputy General Director of JSC "Ritual-service", and the humiliation of ordinary funeral in modern Russia (synchronously).

Funeral wreaths, bouquets.

Sign "Funerals." The pictures on the monument.

Mikhail Balakin, chief of department of nine SEC GUVD

Moscow - about money and criminal component of the ritual of business (synchronously).

The building and the buses of the State Enterprise "Ritual".

Office of the company, the customer service.



Graves of relatives.

Vladimir Matveev of his lifetime contract for the funeral service, a favor for Muscovites (synchronously).

Granite monuments.

Funeral statuettes.

Coffins of expensive wood, with thread, a lot.

Sign "Cemetery." Lenin's Mausoleum.

Cemetery, funeral.

Relatives with wreaths.

Grave digger digging a grave.

The bus endure coffin.

Sign "Khovansky crematorium." Hall of the crematorium.


Death certificate, large.

Mikhail Balakin to issue certificates funeral business firms (synchronously).


Frozen earth of the grave.

Gravedigger with a pick.

Woman selling flowers at the cemetery.

A woman cries over the dead.


The coffin goes into the oven.


Large hand with a candle.


Stand-reporter Julia Strukovo.



Gyunter Shpiljman -- businessman Shohin A. N. -- statesman, political and social activist Roldugin A. -- manager Evstigneev V. -- public servant Suhov V. -- public servant Pochinok A.P. -- State and economic activities Solov V. -- financier Gorodilova I. -- public servant Melikjyan G.G. -- statesman Kareva N. -- public servant Kim Yon Sam -- statesman (South Korea) Kim Hyon Chholj – sin prezidenta Kim Yon Sama (Yuzhnaya Koreya) Dzheki Chan -- actor, cinematographer Otec Arkadij -- clergyman Matveev V. -- businessman

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Moscow, Minsk, Singapore, United States, London, Seoul, Washington DC, Hong Kong

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