Business Russia Information and analytical program "Business Russia" (1997)

Telecast №25524, 1 part, duration: 0:41:27

Reel №1 Information and analytical program "Business Russia"

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Television studio.

Leading studio Elena Nefedov, Michael and Sergei Solntsev Sergunin.

It in the studio on the main theme of registration - adopted the Russian budget.

Scene release announcement.

The plot of the economic integration of Russia and Belarus.

Congress "Russia-Belarus, past, present and future."



Types of Minsk.


Meeting room.

In the hall of the congress participants.

Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov (per platform) on the integration of Russia and Belarus, and the intrigues of the Western States (synchronously).

The plot of the economic reconstruction of Chechnya.


Grozny, the ruined houses.

People on the street.


Views of Moscow.

Moscow visit of the delegation headed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic Movladi Udugov.

Hotel "Arbat" sign.

M.Udugov environment and goes to the car.

Ivan P. Rybkin, Security Council Secretary, stands at the entrance to the hotel.

Press conference.

Journalists work.

At the table next to Rybkin M.Udugov.

They say the agreement reached by agreement of the bilateral agreement between Russia and Chechnya.

The plot of the ports of St.






The Baltic Sea Route.

Cargo ships in the Gulf.

Oil tankers.

Shipbuilding tower cranes.

The plot of the Norwegian-Russian economic relations.


President Hotel.

Meeting of the Russian-Norwegian intergovernmental commission on trade-economic and scientific-technical cooperation.


Passenger ship sails past the fjords.

The flag of Norway.

The capital of Oslo, species.

People on the streets.

The signing of the agreement by representatives of governments of Russia and Norway.

Oleg Lobov, Deputy Prime Minister, signed a memorandum of agreement in obtaining credit to pay for equipment and services (synchronous).

Minister of Economy and Trade, the Norwegian investment fund for the North-West of Russia.

The members of the delegations of Russia and Norway, drink a glass of champagne.

Journalists work.

Norwegian river, top view.

Oil derrick.

The plot of the next reorganization grow back natural resources.


Meeting of the workers of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Viktor Orlov, the Minister of Natural Resources, on the reorganization and succession (synchronously).

Geological work.


Retaining hydraulic structure from above.


Working oil.

Geologist examines rock with a pick.

Viktor Orlov of unpaid wages to employees Industry (synchronously).

Geologists resting in the meadow.

The plot of the Metropolitan Savings Bank "Agro".

Talks with Western creditors.

Alexander P. Smolensky, president of SBS "Agro", the successful negotiation and a loan (synchronously).

Review of international news with Michael Solntsev.

The plot of the European integration.

The leaders of Europe member states lined up for the general picture.

Rink aligns asphalt.

Road workers make coverage.

Supermarket in Europe, sellers, buyers.

City in Europe.

U.S. Capitol, the overall look.

The plot of the transition to a single European currency.

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi at the press conference.

Flags of the European Union.

Spain, streets.

Spanish flag on the building of the Central Bank.

Germany, the car factory.

Children on the street.

Shop 'Marlboro', cartons of cigarettes on the shelves.


A man withdraws money from the ATM.

The plot of the common money in West Africa.

8 States of the former French colonies formed West African Union.

Burkino Faso.

Desert nomad on a camel.

Peasant huts.

African raises water from a well, goats.

Press Conference Moussa Toure.

The capital of Ouagadougou, the view of the city from above.

European bank.


Hand traffic on the roads.

Traffic control directs cars.

ZhitelGany speaks native currency as the best currency.

Golf and Country Club.

Africans with a crutch course.

African market.

Plot about illegal immigration in France.

Police settles illegal immigrants into the bus.

Africans on French streets.

Illegal immigrants crossing.

Get out of the hatch boat.

Police expel illegal immigrants, people resist.

A mass demonstration of non-indigenous residents of France.

A fight with a police barrier.

The plot of the resistance of the villagers expand the port of Hamburg.


Hamburg port.

Hamburg neighborhood, village houses.

Photos of the old village.

Types of port, boat, passenger ship.

The story of the hijacking of cars on the border between Poland and Germany.

A joint operation of customs in Germany and Poland.

Detour border areas.


Night vision camera.

Theft of cars on the border between Poland and Germany in the shallow river.

Stolen cars are loaded onto rafts.

Thieves flee from the border, trying to escape.

Interview with the customs.

Customs officers are on shore and on the water.

The plot of the domestic art market.

Paintings of Russian artists.

Made in different styles and techniques.

Fragment of performance.

Auction "Sotheby's" in Russia.

Marat Gelman, a gallery owner, a small number of museums in the world who are interested in Russian art (synchronously).

The works of contemporary conceptual art.

Installations, performances.

Art workshop.

Gelman about contemporary art and collectors (synchronously).

Artist at work.



Luzhkov Yu. M. -- statesman Udugov M.S -- Chechen politician Ribkin I.P. -- politician and statesman Lobov O. I. -- statesman Orlov V.P. -- statesman, scientist Smolenskij A.P. -- financier, entrepreneur Roman Prodi -- statesman (Italy) Geljman M.A. -- Artist, public figure

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Moscow, Chechnya, Moscow, Norway, Spain, Ghana, Burkina Faso, France, Hamburg, Poland

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