Afghanistan (1997-2001)

Footage №25525, 1 footage, duration: 1:47:30

Scene №1 Afghanistan

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Province and the city of Herat.

Great Mosque of Juma Masjid in Herat (large Friday mosque).

Towers of minarets.

Muslims in turbans sent to the service.

Old men and boys in the courtyard of the mosque.

Washing of feet and face.

Arabs crowd at the entrance to the mosque.

The arches of the mosque.

Morning Prayer.

Imam reads the Koran.

Arabs stares into the camera, all of them.

Women with a rosary in the courtyard of the mosque.

On the grounds of the mosque all barefoot, stripped.

Women in veils pray at the entrance.


Adobe houses, a lot of frames.

Broken military equipment.

Entrance to the home.

Armed soldiers in the village.

Looking through binoculars.

Tourists, journalists walk the village.

Soldiers with machine guns in the field.


The boys buy food.

Armed patrols on the road.

Check the cargo and passenger cars.

Citadel of Herat (Castle of Alexander the Great).

Firing positions.

Afghan teenager with a dove, smiling into the camera.

Pigeons and armed Afghans.

National army.

Many frames.

Outfit soldier details.

Portraits of soldiers.

Smiling at the camera.


European and Russian journalists.

Afghan soldiers at the gun.

Afghan city, peaceful life.


Sacks of grain, nuts.

Afghans in the market, household sketches.

Afghans on bicycles and in carriages with horses.

Military machine on the street.

Afghan girls.

A lot of boys.

Soviet cars labeled "Flammable".

Cars and trucks.

Many men in the street.

Afghan prison.


Prisoners are at the bunks.

Rank prisoners in the prison yard.

Windows with grills.

Laundry drying on a clothesline in the prison yard.


Painted van.


Dirty channel.

The lively crowd.

Begging poor children.


Selling tortillas.

The player with the Afghan music.

Merchant has a basket on her head.

Many curious boys.


Chamber with beds and patients.

Medical instruments and medicines.

A doctor in a white coat talking with patients.

Sick children, a lot of frames.


Relatives sit near children.

Physicians bypass patients.

Military in combat positions.

National army.

Territory before the village.

Many women in veils.

Truck approaching the UN. UN patch on the sleeve large.

Been distributed humanitarian aid.

Many women and girls talk.

Go with the voucher to the car.


Women receive bags of food.

Close-up: coupons detached.

Women carrying bags on their heads.

Teenage boys with money, noise.

Brisk trade tortillas.

Cooking tortillas in local furnaces.

Mosque Pul-e Hishti.


So many people in the market.

Meat series.

Tent with household goods.

Turns to the tents.


So many boys, looks into the camera.

The Italian Embassy in Kabul.

Massive gates.

Sign «Ambasciata d'Italia» large.

Household sketches.

Fueling the UN. Boy drinking from puddles.

National Army soldiers take away the intruder.

He tears his clothes.

Lots of cars.

Works traffic police.

Cripple begging.

The building of the International Red Cross, the symbolism of the organization.

Leaves ambulance.

Press Conference official.

An Afghan man in European clothes prays in the street.

Shooting out of the car.





Sale canisters.

Many bikes.

Boy smokes on camera.

Boys eat.

And without exception, walk into the camera.

Many camels, Bedouins.

Plane in the sky clears humanitarian aid.

A sign of the Red Cross.

Workshop for the production of prostheses.


Afghans and Europeans made prosthetic legs.

A lot of frames.

Stripes on clothes masters of the Red Cross.

Disabilities in the prosthesis.

Disabled people without legs do exercises.


Boy learning to walk on prosthetic leg.

Assistants wear dentures for the disabled.

Shooting on the move: the roads, landscapes of Afghanistan.

Stopping at a reservoir.

Afghan children.

Afghan city.


Trade vegetables: eggplant, cucumbers, onions, potatoes.

Tractor on the market.

Funny transport van.

Afghans bales.

Mosque in the market.

Many buyers.

Similarity of the landfill.

National army.

The instructor teaches soldiers collect weapons, shows the details.


Soldiers shoot out of it.

Military equipment.

Helicopters, shooting from a helicopter.

Sit soldiers.

Military uniforms drying on barbed wire.

Casings from the shells.

Crate of Russian vodka.

Helicopter lands.

Calendar: 1997-2001

Locations: Afghanistan [250]


Herat, Kabul

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