Business Russia (1990-1999)

Telecast №25568, 1 part, duration: 1:14:25

Reel №1 Information and analytical program "Business Russia"

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Television studio.

Leading studio Natalia Grigorieva and Sergey Sergunin.

It in the studio on the main theme of release - the day the Republic of Italy.

Scene release announcement.

In the studio, Elena and Evgeny Nefedov Kochergin, announcing the program themes of the Day of Italy.

The story of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Alessandrello Rosario, president of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, about the history of relations between Russia and Italy in the field of trade (synchronously).

Types of Italy.

Streets, people, transport.

Sergei Katyrin, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce in Russia, a partnership with Italy (synchronously).


Office work of employees of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Rosario Alessandrello on the activities of the Chamber (synchronously).

Experts work with clients.

Leo Kwiatkowski, Director General of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, on the functions of the Chamber (synchronously).

Targeted plan for the building of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce.

Sergei Katyrin of work to find partners in the regions (synchronously).

Nino Cossu, director of the Italian-Russian Chamber of Commerce, on a teleconference between Russian and Italian entrepreneurs (synchronously).

The plot of the Italian economy.

Stand-correspondent Dmitry Nersesova.

Types of Italy.

Tubes emit waste into the air.

Office, work managers.

Metallurgical plant, metal casting.

Architectural landmarks.

Overpass, highway, cars, people on the streets.

City Square.

Shop windows.

High technology, the automated machines.

Piero Basetti, President Chamber of Commerce of Milan (synchronously).

Says the creation of small and medium enterprises.

Office worker in the workplace.

Luigi Abete, president of the Union of Industrialists Italy (synchronously).

Senate of the Italian Republic.

Empty hall.

Vico Vicenza, advisor of the Senate of the Italian Republic - the national currency, political and economic context (synchronously).

Digest for Italian song.

Italian market.


Rough trade, a lot of buyers.

The plot of the promotion group «Merloni Elettrodomestici».

Fashion show.

The avant-garde dress.

Female models are allegories

washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and stoves.

Brand logos Scholtes, Ariston, Indesit.

Product samples.

Girls in colorful designer dresses.

Aldo Uva, representative of concern «Merloni Elettrodomestici» in the CIS and Baltic States,

Sponsorship Policy Group (synchronously).



Views of the city from a bird's flight.

Aldo Uva on the achievements of the company (synchronously).

Map of the world with cities, where there are branches of the company.

Graphics: Facts and figures about the company «Merloni Elettrodomestici».

Aldo Uva of representative offices in Russia (synchronously).

Electrical Goods «Merloni Elettrodomestici» on display.

Splitting the music.

Fountains and sculptures of Italy.

Story of the destruction of Venice.

Of Venice.

Canals and boats.

Underwater summary.

Diver says Brescia and collapse the walls of the water (synchronously).

Diver plunges into the water with the camera for underwater shooting.

Dilapidated house in Venice.

Work on the pumping of water from the canals.

Construction protective shaft made of concrete and bricks.

Mud and silt loaded onto boats.

Experts in the boat floating on the canal.

The plot of the trading trade group "Koeklerichi groups."

Paolo Clerici, president "Koeklerichi groups" of contracts in Russia, about the history of relations (synchronously).

On the field of interest of the trade group.

Cargo merchant vessels.

Loading of Russian coal, ore and scrap metal.

Paolo Clerici barter between Kemerovo and Italy (synchronously).

Russian coal in exchange for Italian equipment for the food industry.



Deep-water port.

Trade cargo ship in the port.

Transshipment operations.

Cargo transit through the territory of Russia.

Wagons with coal.

Storage at the port.

Working escalators.

Paolo Clerici of control freight and transport companies (synchronously).

Map of Europe with the designation of several Russian cities, with which the "Koeklerichi groups."

Alex Grooms, General Director of JSC "Ferroprom"

the professionalism of the staff "Koeklerichi groups" (synchronous).

News release of the "Business Russia".

The plot of the European Union.

Flags of the countries of Europe.

Map of Europe.

The headquarters of the European Union.

EU flags.

European Parliament.

EU Treaty, coarsely.

Board with the European currency.

European streets, squares.

Many people.

Types of Italy.

Marco Bentivoglio, general secretary of the trade union of young metallurgists Italy

of unemployment in the country (synchronously).

Giorgio Tellini, managing director of the bank "Mediocredito Centrale"

the price of the participation in the European Union for Italy (synchronously).

Italians in the streets.

Marco Bentivoglio on inflation and trade unions (synchronously).

Sergio Bille, president of the Union of Entrepreneurs of Italy,

the doubts of Europeans to the entry into the European Union (synchronously).



Kiosk with newspapers.

Overpass, many cars.

Fabrizio Onida, director of the National Institute for Foreign Trade,

the pros and cons of integration (synchronously).


Street artist.

Italian pensioners are on the sidewalk.

People with a dog.


Rita Levi-Montalcini, a member of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Nobel Prize for medicine,

Italy's obligation to the poor countries, its Fund for Women.

Story about "TCM".

Roberto Pratezi, managing director of the company "TCM" Company (synchronously).

Milan office.

Donbass, Gorlovka.

The first chemical plant for the synthesis of ammonia, the job to start.

What's the chemical industry in Russia, built by "TCM".

Polypropylene, and other samples. "

Including flour, starch, sugar, vegetable oil.

The work of various departments, conveyors.

VS Chernomyrdin and the company's management "TCM".


Roberto Pratezi about relations company with Russia.

The plot is about a group of «Techint».

Filippo Grossi, president of «Techint».

Cooperation in Italy and Russia (synchronously).

Milan, city views.

The building and the sign «Techint».

Seamless pipes.

Luigi Iperti, CEO of «Techint», the specialization of the company:

design and construction of industrial facilities (synchronously).

Metallurgical Plant, plant, workers.


Technicians, engineers, designers at work.

Electric furnace.


Line for the production of glass wool.

Installing the steel casting and other samples.


The streets of Italy.

An elderly woman on the balcony.

Drying clothes on a clothesline.

The plot of "average italian."

Massimiliano Guiduzzi, salesman, goes out, gets in the car.

Massimiliano driving talks about the hard work of a Salesman.

Walks into a bar.

Coffee, a cup of coffee.

Massimiliano talking to the bartender.

Sights of Rome from the car window.

Massimiliano says the coffee business and future plans.

Relaxing with friends in the wine cellar.

Sing, sing along with friends.

The plot of the Italian brand of clothing "Jenny."

Donatella Dzhirombelli, designer and president of "Jenny"

of his busy schedule of life (synchronously).

Catwalk fashion show "Jenny." Models in mini and bikinis, a lot of frames.

Donatella Dzhirombelli of the modern woman;

an international style "Jenny" (synchronous).

Models in business suits, cocktail dresses.

The plot of the elections to the Italian Parliament.


Football Stadium.

The players, the fans in the stands.

Street soccer fan wearing a scarf with club logo.

Types of the Italian city, cafe, fountain area.

Cars on the narrow streets.

The building of the Italian Senate, targeted plan.

Meeting room.

Corridors and rooms of the Senate.

The tour guide and tourists.

Roberto Nidzhido, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy,

of political and economic relations with Russia (synchronously).

The plot of "Rossita bank» (Rossitabank).

Alexander Kuznetsov, President of "Rossita-bank" to mediate between the Russian bank

and Italian entrepreneurs and companies (synchronously).

Employees of the bank's work.

Alexander Kuznetsov bad faith of some partners.

The plot of the company "Bosco".

Giuseppe Morandini, President of "Bosco", the areas of the company (synchronously).

Shop "Bosco." Production plants for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

Installers install a huge pipe.

Welding tank.

Giuseppe Morandini plans "Bosco" to implement the service

Russian service companies (synchronously).


Rozario Alessandrello -- businessman Lev Kvyatkovskij -- businessman Nino Kossu -- businessman Pjero Basetti -- businessman Luidzhi Abete -- businessman Viko Vichenci -- politician Aljdo Uva -- businessman Paolo Klerichi -- businessman Aleksej Konyuhov -- businessman Marko Bentivolji -- trade unionist Dzhordzhio Tellini -- financier Serdzhio Bille -- businessman Fabricio Onida -- economic activities Rita-Levi Montaljchini -- scientific and social activist Roberto Pratezi -- businessman Filippo Grossi -- businessman Chernomirdin V.S. -- statesman Donatella Dzhirombelli -- designer Massimiliano Guiduchchi -- businessman Luidzhi Iperti -- businessman Roberto Nidzhido – gosudarstvennij deyatelj Aleksandr Kuznecov -- financier Dzhuzeppe Morandini -- businessman

Calendar: 1990s

Locations: Italy, Moscow

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