Gymnast Nellie Kim. (1992)

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Reel №1 Gymnast Nellie Kim

Ailm documentary "Nelly and President" (RIA-TV).

Titles: "Gold beggars.

Nelly and the president. "

Chronicle of the 1970s.

Nelly performs at the uneven bars, on the crossbar.

Nelly on the pedestal.

South Korea, Seoul.

Nellie met at the airport.

A press conference with Korean journalists.

Nellie V. Kim, a gymnast, a five-time Olympic champion, -

a hot reception in South Korea and its "royal" pedigree (synchronously).


An, president of "Amcor-Soyuz" about Nellie Kim and the support of the Koreans (synchronously).

South Korea.

Gymnastics Federation, gym.

Nellie Kim Young Korean gymnast trains (many shots).


An the popularity of Nellie Kim and her coaching success in South Korea (synchronously).

Nellie Kim driving the car, my daughter in the back seat.

Walks with his daughter.

Nellie Kim about his work the senior coach of Belarus

and dissatisfaction with the job and success team (synchronously).

Chronicle of the 1970s.

Nelly trains in the hall, stands at the event.

Nellie Kim of his coach, the family (synchronously).

Moscow Palace of Sports, Olympics-80.

Leave the Soviet gymnast.

In the frame Yuri Titov, president of the International Gymnastics Federation.

In the frame of Nicolae Ceausescu, President of the Socialist Republic of Romania.

In the frame of LI Brezhnev, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Fragment Olimpialy-8o, Nellie Kim at the microphone.

Nellie Kim of the situation at the Olympic Games 80: twice stopped the music during its performance (synchronous).

Cutting the performances of gymnasts at the Olympics.

Yuri Titov Evlampievich, president of the International Gymnastics Federation,

of infringement of Soviet athletes, the plan by the number of medals;

of political motivation sporting achievements (synchronously).

Footage of the Olympics-80.

Nellie Kim of the humble financial position champions (synchronously).

Chronicle of 1962. FIFA World Gymnastics Championships in Prague.

Yuri Titov performance on the uneven bars.

Rewarding Titov.

Yuri Titov athlete relationship and the state (synchronous).

Fragments of the performance of Soviet gymnasts.

Athletes in the lounge suit at the reception.

Receive government awards: boxer Valery Popenchenko,

athlete Valery Brumel, weightlifter Leonid Zhabotinsky,

athlete Tamara Press.

At the microphone champions: wrestler Alexander Ivanitskii, skater Inga Voronina (Artamonova).

Yuri Titov of his presidency (synchronously).

Nellie Kim of his friends on the team and their life abroad (synchronously).


An inviting Nellie Kim of South Korea as a coach (synchronously).

Dorzhina Lykgammak, folk healer, the fate and Nellie Kim (synchronously).


Brezhnev L.I. -- statesman
Nikolae Chaushesku -- statesman (Romania)
Kim N.V. -- sportswoman
Titov Yu.E. -- gymnast, sports figure
Valerij Popenchenko -- athlete
Valerij Brumelj -- athlete
Leonid Zhabotinskij -- athlete
Tamara Press -- athlete
Aleksandr Ivanickij -- athlete
Inga Voronina -- athlete




Moscow, Seoul

Towns and countries; Social life; Domestic policy