Life of Asian women (1990-1999)

Documentary №25803, 1 footage, duration: 1:17:06

Scene №1 Life of Asian women

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Sri Lankan women go out of the house, one of them holding a baby.

Are held in the village.

The reception was at the village doctor.

Doctor examines a child, talking to his mother.

A man walks down the street.

Women and men in the home with the child.

Panorama of trees, palm trees.

Types of village life: women work in the fields, working men and women engaged in housework.

A woman arranges food on plates, carries men relax after work.

Men and women work in the fields.

Women do housework: pounded grain, cooking, washing dishes and so on.

Family washing in a mountain river waterfall.

A husband and wife and children go to church.

Interior views of the temple, praying people.

Family on the bank of the river, have lunch (eat rice with his hands) are on the waterfront.

Evening, the villagers at a religious festival.

Burning torches on the street are decorated with elephants, men perform the dance.

Family watching holiday.

Are the villagers.

Men dance.

Holiday costume procession.

A family dinner at home.

Buddhist monk in the traditional garb is engaged to a girl, teaching her to read.

Woman gives monk tea, leaning in a bow.

Street of the village: the street is a column of children from parents, led by a monk and musicians.

Children and parents pray and perform religious ceremonies, play musical instruments.

Girl swinging on a swing.

The girls in the room playing the national game.

Women play a drum.

Children playing in the street.

Girls comb each other's hair in the room.

Village life - different plans.

Sri Lankan wedding.

Exploding firecrackers.

The house is the groom in ornate traditional costume, go visit.

The house is administered bride in national wedding dress.

Are the bride and groom.

Musician playing on the national instrument.

Wedding ceremony.

Watching guests.

The bride and groom in the company of guests leave their rooms.

Gangnam, Korea.

The residential complex of new apartment buildings.

A woman in the kitchen preparing food.

Family breakfast at the table.

Woman under an umbrella on the street.

The boy in the classroom.

Woman down in the subway, riding the train.

The woman in the shop.

A woman with her elder son choose his jacket.

The whole family at the bowling alley, play.

Evening, residential area.

Family dines at a low table, sitting on the floor.

Views of the city early in the morning (on top).

A woman accompanies her husband to work.

Views of the city (above).

A man walks down the street.

The man behind the desk in the office, the work of the office.

The younger son at school, in a class with other students.

Woman talking with teachers son, the boy stands nearby.

Children in the classroom, learning to write Chinese characters.

Woman at home, engaged in farming: cooking, cleaning, embroidering.

Children in class pottery.

Women at tea ceremony.

Family shrugs his day off at the museum, in a restaurant, in the park.

Religious holiday.

Women prepare festive food.

Men write characters on the sheets of paper.

Pass monks.

Religious rite.

Sanctify dinner.

The bustling city.

A woman with her son pass along the street stalls, the product in question.

Birthday elderly man.

A man and his wife at the table, his congratulate relatives - respectful bow.

The whole family at the holiday table, eating.

Family passes on the street, in the aquarium.

The woman in the vegetable market, selects merchandise.

Women in the kitchen, cooking.

Family at a ski lodge, ski.

A woman in the church, praying.

A woman at a party with other women.

Sit in a circle on the floor, talking.

Vehicles on a city street.

The woman driving the car, gets out, runs down the street.

Woman at work, communicating with clients, work in the office.

The woman at the grocery store.

Woman at home with the family, play with the kids.

Put children to bed, working at the table.

Her husband, sitting on the floor, reading a newspaper.

Man and woman in the kitchen, do the housework.

Children in the nursery, they do their homework.

A man and a woman in the kitchen, cooking, collecting children to school breakfast.

Going to work and to school, go out.

They sit in the car going down the road.

A woman in the office, working - selling cars.

Woman in the street, talking to a friend.

In a clothing store.

Drinking coffee at a cafe.

Family photos.

Calendar: 90th

Locations: Sri Lanka, Korea

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