Business Russia (1996)

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Reel №1 The program "Business Russia"

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Daily publication of information and analytical program.

Aired on May 7, 1996

Leading software and E.Starostina S.Sergunin.

In this issue:

"The law on the transfer of central bank profits to the federal budget of the country";

"Will the revised results of loans for shares?";

"Is it possible to prevent the export of capital from Russia?" Other news and breaking stories.

Comments on the top of the "Law on the transfer of central bank profits to the federal budget."

An interview with one of the authors of the law, the State Duma deputy T.Nesterenko.

Interview of Russian economy E.G.Yasina.

The plot of the mortgage auctions.

Comments leading.

Interview E.Yasina of mortgage auctions of claims to the Ministry of Energy.

The building of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy.

Gas pipeline, gas burning torch.

Pipe pipeline, oil flows; neftekachalka work.

Oil and gas sector.

Interview of the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Russia Yu.


Neftevyshka, working oil.

Building of the White House.

Chairman of the State Property Committee Kazakov at the press conference (archive materials of "Business Russia").

Neftekachalki work, with the oil tank on the tracks.

Press conference of the President of NK "YUKOS" S.Muravlenko.

Texts of government documents.

The House of the Russian government (the White House).

Interview E.G.Yasina privatization and deposit auctions.

Comments of the leading business trip Boris Yeltsin in Tver region.

Report of the International Conference "Grain storage and processing."

Newsreel of the 1920's.:

Farmers at the rally.

International conference "Grain storage and processing" at the meeting.

Eared wheat field.

Harvesting grain.

Interview of Research Institute of Grain G.Zelinskogo.

Harvester in the field, granary.

Bakery - a loaf of bread, rolls, bagels.

Selling bread at the store.

Girl on the street eating a bagel.

Report on farms in Russia.

Comments on the leading board meeting Agriculture Ministry.

Meadow, village houses.

Treatment of wood in one of the farms.

Farm shop - selling buckwheat honey.

A man on horseback rides.

Interview with the vice-president of the Association (peasant) and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia Yu.

Linina about farming.

Board meeting of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Advertising of products and services.

The plot of the activity Mosbusinessbank.

The opening ceremony in St.

Petersburg Center Mosbusinessbank lending.

Press conference by the bank.

Says the president of the bank V.I.Bukato (not simultaneously).

Open the vault door.

Bank employees are working.

V.I.Bukato interview.

Financial news.

Commentary from leading bank bankruptcy.

The plot of the export of capital from Russia abroad.

Comments leading.

Buildings «Mitsubishi Bank», «Banque Nationale de Paris», «Hongkong Bank», «Malayan Bank Chambers», «Bank of China», «DBS Bank», etc.

Visitors to the foreign banks.

The Capitol building in Washington.


Interview with head of the department of the Moscow Institute of the Ministry of Interior of the interaction E.Grachevoy crime in Russia and foreign countries.

Russian-American Conference on the fight against organized crime.

Interview with the president of the Union of Russian criminal law experts and criminologists V.Eminova federal prosecutor and senior Justice Department M.Dittou of interaction between Russia and the U.S. against organized crime.

E.Gracheva said.

Overview of the situation in the financial markets, currency exchange rates.

Reporting the trade fair, held in the week of Sri Lanka in Russia.

The girl in national dress drinks tea.

Showcases with Ceylon tea.

Picking tea in Sri Lanka - a girl in national dress collect tea leaves.

Tea factory.

Acts Ceylon dance ensemble.

Appeared on the scene tamer cobras.

Report on the streets of Colombo.

Press Conference of the business community in Sri Lanka, said chairman of the Export Development Mr.


News of the world economy: a new plan for social development in India, permission to trade with Iraq in the U.S. to lower interest rates in the UK.

Advertising of products and services.

Key words

Organized crime
Russia - Sri Lanka


Yasin E.G. Shafranik Yu. Bukato V.I. -- financier, banker Zelinskij G. -- Director of the Research Institute of Grain Nesterenko T. -- Member of the State Duma

Calendar: 1996

Locations: Moscow [820] St. Petersburg [814] Russia [1] Sri Lanka [206] Europe USA

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