Withdrawal of troops from West Germany. (1994)

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Scene №1 Withdrawal of troops from West Germany

Materials for the film "Goodbye, Germany."

Office chair in a puddle.

The territory of the military unit - building things, she smokes.

Containers on the street.

Memorial dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union A.V.Savelevu.

Soldiers to clean up parts - different plans.

Are the cars.

A group of soldiers swinging on a swing.

Swallows' nests under the roof.

Talks to a group of women.

Buckle lying on the ground with a star.

Dormitory building, in front of the containers.

From the window watching small children.

Man ship household goods in the container.

Loading containers on truck - different plans.

The soldiers in the unit.

Passing truck containers.

Railroad tracks, loading containers in freight cars.

Lying on the ground straps.

Unloading, loading containers - different plans.

Military oplombiruet containers.

Office - are women, soldiers fill the papers.

Announcement of the departure of the train in Wünsdorf.

Converse military personnel and civilians.

Freight trains at the station.

The car with the emblem of the Western Group of Forces.

Fence, barbed wire, watchtowers, checkpoint, the symbol "Stop!

Passage forbidden" in Russian and German.

Various plans military camp in preparation for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Germany.

To camouflage netting is a cat.

Military equipment in the unit.

Equipment, operate military experts.

Work signalers.

Command post, the military said on the phone.

The territory of - different plans.

A sign on the building "The building is prepared for transfer."

Mobile radars - different plans.

Wünsdorf Station, Russian soldiers with things on the platform at the train - different plans.

Mourners, board the train.

Soldiers at cars.

Departure of the train.

The operational headquarters of Western troops, on duty at the control panel.

Room staff; timetable for WGF on the wall.

Bonn - History Museum.

The Second World War.

The exposition of the museum: the flags of allied countries during the Second World War, Zhukov photo with Eisenhower and others, the text of the Declaration.

Visitors at the museum stands.

Museum - different plans.

The demonstration in the museum Newsreels - restoration work in Germany, the history of aviation.

Museum of History in Berlin

The exhibition, visitors to the museum.



August 1994





Defense and internal security; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; World War II
Geography and Nature; Policy; History