Day of Russian Technologies. (1996)

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Scene №1 Day of Russian Technologies

Materials on the infotainment marathon "Day of Russian Technologies", dedicated to the 35th anniversary of Gagarin's flight into space.

Stories on the theme of the development of space rocket industry and aviation in Russia.

Saver "on April 12. Day Russian technology.


Scientific - Production Association of Applied Mechanics in Krasnoyarsk (Zheleznogorsk).

Production of telecommunication satellites.

Interview with the project manager of the "Eutelsat" M.Dzhi.

State Space Research - Production Center Khrunichev.

Creating a service module for the International Space Station.

Space station in orbit.

Module - different plans, assembly module.

VSChernomyrdin are members of the government and head of the Center A.I.Kiselev.

Computer Graphics - Space Station orbiting the Earth.

Creating a rocket "Proton" based Khrunichev Khrunichev.

A.I.Kiselev lecturing military.

Production halls of the Centre; rocket assembly.

Transportation and rocket launch from Baikonur.

The plot of the cosmonauts training - training centers, training, training astronauts, pilots.

Star City, MCC.

Overview story on the launch site in Plesetsk.

Black - white news:

Preparations for the construction of the landfill area.

Is a group of soldiers.

The emblem of the Plesetsk cosmodrome.

Modern spaceport - missile launch, transportation of missiles; launchers, construction of new launchers.

Rocket launch.

Rocket "Angara" in the shop.

The rocket on the launch pad at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev is held, and his party, girls in traditional costumes welcomed Nazarbayev.

Flying over Baikonur - shooting from a helicopter.

Pass astronauts in spacesuits.

Satellite launches.

The territory of the new Russian cosmodrome "Free" in the Amur region.

Underground mines for military missile launch.

The territory of the military unit, transferred to the military space forces.

Booths space exhibition.

The plot of the creation of the Samara Central Specialized Design Bureau missiles "Rus".

Setting rocket on the launch pad, launch (night, winter).

Are specialists design office, workshop for production of space blocks.

The launch.

The model rocket "Proton" in KB Khrunichev.

The model rocket "rumble" on the stand.

Launcher at the launch site, an underground mine for rockets.

The model rocket "Angara".

Construction of the new starting plants.

The building of the All-Russian Institute of Light Alloys.

E.Neizvestnogo sculpture "Flight" at the building

Development of various alloys used in the manufacture of equipment and engines for civil aviation.

Air show in Zhukovsky footage - military aircraft performs aerobatics.

The manufacturing plant of the Institute - different plans.

VILS products - aluminum profiles, bells.

Missile "Zenit" taken out of the hangar.

Newsreel '80s.:

Launcher "Energia - Buran" at the launch complex.

Assembly shop Dnepropetrovsk NGOs - build missiles "Zenith".

Launchers at the cosmodrome "Baikonur" - taken from a helicopter.

Transportation and installation of the rocket on the launch pad.

New construction at Plesetsk launch pads for "Zenith".

Floating platform for the launching of "Zenith".

Multrabota - Sputnik.

Newsreel 1957: Baikonur, home setting (shooting from a helicopter.)

Newsreel of the 1960-1970-s.:

Development of various satellites and specialists work the Control Center.

Satellite assembly "Hurricane."

Military posts tracking satellite signal - an electronic scoreboard, control panels.

Key words

Military space forces


Chernomirdin V.S.
Kiselev A.I. -- Head Khrunichev Khrunichev
Nazarbaev N.A.


1996 1957-1980 - The history of the development of space



Industry; Defense and internal security; Space
Sectors of the economy