Moscow 1994 and 1995. (1994-1995)

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Scene №1 Moscow 1994 and 1995.

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Rowan branch.

Quadriga of Apollo on the Grand Theatre.

Grand Theatre, park, people go.

Okhotny Ryad, the Bolshoi Theater.

Lenin Library building.

Moscow's City Hall (the former building CMEA).


Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

People on the Old Arbat - different plans.

Boat on the Moscow River, Bridge, Kremlin.


Basil's Cathedral, tour buses on Vasilevsky descent.

The chimes of the Spassky Tower (shot through the branches of a tree).

Oak branches.


Basil's Cathedral and the Spasskaya Tower.

Domes of the cathedrals of the Kremlin.

Novodevichy Convent.

Entrance to the metro station "Taganskaya", sale of flowers at the subway.

Old houses, payphones.

Man eating ice cream.

Transport on the streets of Moscow - different plans.

Old houses, courtyards.

The dome in scaffolding.

A pointer to a house "Big Communist Street."

Dilapidated houses, garbage dump yard, garage.

Young parents with a young child in a stroller on a walk.

View of the courtyard from the window of the entrance.

The staircase in the entrance of the house.

Building "33 police stations."

Traffic policeman checking the documents of the vehicle's driver (evening, winter).

Kremlin tower, chimes of the Spassky Tower, cars passing on the embankment of the Moscow River.

Kremlin - different plans, taken from different angles.

Hotel "Russia", the Grand Kremlin Palace, Moscow River.

Pleasure boat on the Moscow River.

The Kremlin, cathedrals.

The Presidency of the Russian Federation and the Russian flag waving - different plans.

Hotel "Russia", the building houses the Russian government (the White House).

Moscow River, the former building of the CMEA.

Old Arbat - shops, passers-by.

The building of the State Duma, street Okhotny Ryad.

Road transport in the street.

Cinema building "Russia", the fountain in the park.

Pass girls, elderly people, young people on the benches in the park near the fountain.

Girl feeding pigeons.

Schoolgirls at the fountain.

Pushkin Square, a street cafe.

Tverskaya Street - storefront appliances; passers

Pedestrians on the street, passing traffic, a traffic light.

Tverskaya Street - buildings, pedestrians, shop windows, cafeterias, etc. (Different plans).

The main entrance to the Gorky Park of Culture (winter).

Passage transport in the tunnel.

Trolleybus driver in the cab.

On Tverskaya Street passing cars - different plans.

Pedestrians, cars on Pushkin Square.

People in the underpass.

View of the Kremlin (the evening, winter).

The restaurant.

Kremlin cathedrals, the promenade, passing cars - winter.

Hotel "Palace", "Marco Polo".

Streets, buildings, drifts, garbage.

Shop "Hippo", the restaurant "anchor."

Nikolskaya Street, the entrance to the GUM, the Kazan Cathedral.

People begging.

Red Square, Lenin's Mausoleum, St.

Basil's Cathedral (winter, it snows).

Cars in the snow, slush on the road.

Billboard cigarettes "Lucky Strike".

People go to "slush"; pere6hodyat street.

Black ice - falls girl.

Commercial kiosks, people on the streets.

Sleet, snow drifts on the streets.

Public transportation, passengers sit on a bus.

Cars, pedestrians on the streets - different plans.

Five-story apartment buildings, repair of communications.

Multi-storey and five-storey residential buildings, courtyards.

Construction of a house.

Mock space shuttle "Buran" in Gorky Park.

Cars and trucks on the streets of Moscow - different plans.

Satellite dishes on the roofs of houses and office buildings.

Man talking on his cell phone.

Building "Moscow Cellular Communications".

Installing the cell phone in the car.

Winter evening streets of Moscow - lighted shop windows, the building of the Central Telegraph Office; passers Tverskaya Street, passing cars with headlights.

Monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, signboards of shops, restaurants - winter plans, removed from the movement.

Lighted windows, the entrance to the subway.

Passing cars, Byelorussia Station, the area at the station.

Moscow City Hall.

Tent fast food "Steff Houlberg" Tverskaya face; buyers outside the tent.

Preparing sandwiches.

Key words

Moscow Attractions
Office buildings in Moscow
Shops in Moscow
Evening Moscow

Calendar: 1994-1995

Locations: Moscow [820]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Day [828] Evening [829] Sunny [831] Cloudy [832] Summer [824] Winter [823]

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