Transformation. (1991)

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Director: Harlip N.

Reel №1 Transformation

08/19/1991: The people at the White House in Moscow.

Priest among men.

Worth military equipment.

Descendants of Russian emigrants in the Kremlin's Cathedral Square.

Are representatives of the Cossacks.

Hands holding apples.

People with the flag of Russia.

Passing military vehicles in downtown Moscow.

Police cordon at the Lenin Museum.

The inscription on the tank: Yazov - on trial!

The building has an arena is an elderly woman with apple in hand, next to the soldiers on the tank.

People talk with tank crews, get on a moving tank rush for him.

Yeltsin's press conference, the call for a strike.

Next to him sat I.Silaev, A.Kozyrev etc.

The crowds in the streets of Moscow.

Military equipment in the streets.

People get on tanks, grab trolleys.

Yeltsin climbs on the tank, talking to soldiers performing.

March down the street with the Russian flag.

R.I.Hazbulatov passes, is interviewed.

Press conference of Soviet Foreign Minister Eduard Shevardnadze.

Construction of the fence at the White House.

Distribution of bread soldiers.

Watching soldiers are interviewed.

Tanks on Tverskaya Street (the rain).

A.N.Yakovleva interview in his office.

Muscovites on the streets at night.

Press Conference on Emergency Committee: take seats at the table G.Yanaev, B.Pugo, V.Starodubtsev., V. Pavlov and others

Interview I.Lapteva press conference.

Military and civilians at the White House.

Interviews of military and police officers.

Crowds of people in front of the White House.

People inside the White House.

The radio station of the White House, in the radio writer and journalist Yu.

Karyakin V.Molchanov.

I.Silaev office.

People are sleeping in the corridors of the White House.

Passing military vehicles, tankers talk to civilians.

A.V.Rutskoy passes.

Gathered at the White House at night.

A.Rutskogo interview in the hallway of the White House.

Bust of Lenin.

20/08/1991: The balloon with the Russian flag over the White House.

The radio station at the White House.

Interview of President of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR I.Silaeva office.

The square in front of the Government House (White House).

Interview with Eduard Shevardnadze.

I.Silaev, R.Hazbulatov, A.Rutskoy out of the building the Government House, people greet them.

I.Silaev acts.

Kitten sits on the barrel cannon.

From the balcony of the building City Council Mayor G.H.Popov acts, the crowd in the square.

Defenders of the White House in the Square.

Barricades of trolleybuses.

Interview with the military.

Say the defenders of the White House.

Interview military V.Selezneva the White House.

Ambulances at the Government House.

A crowd of people at the White House.

Deputies in the hall before the session of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR G.Yakunin in the hall.

Gen. K.I.Kobets acts.

General K.Kobets headquarters.

Priest communion soldiers guarding the White House.

D.Rosnin said.

Trooper with a gun sitting in the White House.

Loose-leaf calendar on 20 and 31 August 1991.

Gathered in front of Government House (night).

The wounded are entered in the ambulance.

Broken, burned trolleybuses.

Flowers, an icon on the asphalt.

People cry.

Travel on the highway past the military equipment.

Key words

Putsch The attempted coup


Yakovlev A.N. -- academic, political and social activist
Eljcin B.N.
Shevardnadze E.A.
Ruckoj A.V.
Silaev I.S.
Kobec K.I. -- soldier and statesman
Laptev I.D, -- statesman, journalist
Karyakin Yu. -- writer
Molchanov V. -- journalist







Domestic policy; Disasters
Policy; Geography and Nature; Wars, conflicts and disasters