Gold beggars. Lekseevna (1992)

Documentary №26239, 1 part, duration: 0:22:09
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Likhanov B.
Screenwriters:Petelin Yu
Camera operators:Vinogradov
Composers:Orlovetsky B.

Reel №1 Gold beggars. Lekseevna

Newsreel: Galina Kulakova on the track.

Newsreel 1970: The train "Moscow - Prague", a meeting of Soviet athletes at the station.

Kulakov with flowers.

Kulakov with friends on the team.

Make-up rooms.

Make-up artist make-up singer Ekaterina Semenova.

Fragment of a concert in Moscow Semenova.

Interview E.Semenovoy of familiarity with Galina Kulakova.

Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, the village Logachev:

Winter, snow-covered field.

Sounds Russian folk song.


The old woman has buckets on a yoke.

Family Kulakov.

Women sing.

Women of the famine in the postwar period, of his mother (synchronously).

Daria Kulakov working in the garden.

Family tea Kulakov.

Galina Kulakova goes with her mother.

Newsreel 1976: The Olympic Games in Innsbruck.

Galina Kulakova the last stage.

George Surkov, a sports commentator of the relation

team to Kulakovoj and Smetanina (synchronous).

Sister Galina Kulakova say about her.

Galina Kulakova brother of my sister (synchronously).

Newsreel 1980.: State Award Kulakov.

Soviet athletes applauded, including V.Harlamov, Irina Rodnina, S.Zhuk

Interview G. Kulakov.

Medical and sports clinic.

Athlete is on a treadmill, doctors.

Ludmila Zhukova doctor about women sportmenkah (synchronously).

Galina Kulakova gets in the car.

Footage from the wedding Galina Kulakova:

The bride and groom in their wedding clothes, get in the car with the rings.

Newsreel: Marathon.

Galina Kulakova running through the streets of Moscow, passes the baton.

Kulakov on the track.

Galina Kulakova onstage ski passes his student Tamara Tikhonova.

G.Kulakovoy said.

Galina in the barn.

Medals and trophies Galina Kulakova, very much.

Children to ski.

Kulakov lack pensions and his means (synchronously).

Izhevsk, city views.

People on the streets.

Kulakov trains children.

Children skiing (many shots).


Surkov says about sports Kulakovoj courage;

about women's and human qualities, talents of cooks athletes (synchronously).

Kulakov and friends on the team watching on TV skiing, sick.

Sounds Russian folk song.


Kulakova G.A. -- athlete, skier Ekaterina Semenova -- singer Georgij Surkov -- sportscaster Lyudmila Zhukova -- medic

Calendar: 1992 1970 - 1989 - Shots G.Kulakovoy participation in competitions 1980 - awarded the Olympians in the Kremlin

Locations: Udmurtia, Izhevsk

Seasons: Winter [823]

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