. (Good morning! ) (1997)

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Scene №1 Plots of "Good morning"

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Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican.

Trinitadey Monti church, the church of the obelisk Sallust.

The streets of Rome.

Fragment from the film "Roman Holiday."

Photo Irene Galitzine.

Chronicle Church Trinitadey Monti, the church obelisk Sallust.

Photo parents Irene Galitzine Nina azure-Kowalska father Boris L. Golitsyn.

Fragment from the film "Roman Holiday."

Irene Galitzine baby pictures.

Photos of Irene Galitzine.


Zaitsev, Irina Galitzine, translator.

Chronicle: Airplane.

Irene Galitzine on the plane, into the cabin.

Wedding Photography Irene Galitzine with the Duke de Medici.

Photo of the Duke de Medici and Irene Galitzine.

Plane takes off on water.

The girl floats in water.

Photo Irene Galitzine.

Fragment from the film "Roman Holiday."

Drawings and photographs from the collection of clothes Irene Galitzine.

Newsreel: Demonstration collection "pajamas Palazzo" Irene Galitzine, Jacqueline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy on the terrace.

Yacht "Aristotle Onassis."

Photo of Greta Garbo and others on the deck "Aristotle"

Newsreel: Elizabeth Taylor.

Photos of Irene Galitzine with Indira Gandhi, with Plisetskaya, Audrey Hepburn.

Irene Galitzine photos against Basil's Church.

In the Column Hall of the models in the models of the collection Irene Galitzine.

Irene Galitzine.

Photo Irene Galitzine.

In the hall do aerobics.

Said Jeff Vandiver.

Jeff Vandiver in Moscow's Red Square, eating ice cream.

Jeff Vandiver on the stage, the women in the audience.

Jeff Vandiver holds the cup holder.

Jeff with a glass of wine at the table.

Jeff Vandiver eats.

Jeff Vandiverv program

Jeff Vandiver in Moscow's Red Square.

Said Jeff Vandiver.

Jeff Vandiver on the stage, the women in the audience.

Program with the name "Good morning!"

The red carpet for MAT are guests, behind the barrier are Muscovites.

Sitting at a table academics Taffy.

Background television programs.

On the podium Taffy B. Posner.

Alexander says Mitroshenkov - President of the "new company" official sponsor of Taffy-97.

Figurine Taffy, who coined by Ernst Neizvestny.

Rolan Bykov on stage with the winners prize.

Sits Svetlana Sorokina.

Flower greenhouse.

Anna says Barilova - Deputy Director of "Green Line" sponsor Taffy-97.

Taffy lobby.

The hall sits moderator Vladimir Molchanov

In the room a fashion show.

Fashion shop.

Says Aras Agalarov - President "Crocus International" sponsor Taffy -97.

Factory "Red October" chocolate produces Taffy.

The chef of the restaurant "Planet Hollywood" Michael Lyne makes salad "Taffy."

Said Michael Lyne restaurant "Planet Hollywood" official sponsor Taffy -97.

Hall where the prize is awarded Taffy.

Program with the name "Good morning!"

Entrance to the theater, "Moon." Playbill theater.

Anatoly and Sergei Prokhanov Romashin.

Said Sergei Prokhanov - Artistic Director and director of the theater - "Moon."

Fragment of performance theater "Moon." The audience applauded.

The audience in the theater foyer.

Says Anatoly Romashin - a theater, "Moon."

Anatoly Romashin on stage.

Actors Theatre E.Stychkin, Vinogradov, M.Bleyk.

Dance class at the theater.

Said Sergei Vinogradov - a theater, "Moon."

The plot of the competition for young fashion designers "Exercise" in Lyubertsy.

Fashion show of young artists.

The jury Zaitsev.

Zaitsev congratulates the winners of the competition.

The plot of the Timur Bekmambetov.

On set Timur Bekmambetov with the crew.

Fragments of the film "Peshawar Waltz."

Fragments of commercials "World History of Imperial Bank."

On set Timur Bekmambetov with the crew.

Camera Sergei Trofimov.

Film set of advertising for the bank "Moscow."

Timur Bekmambetov in hardware.

The plot of MG Rudinstein

On stage, congratulating Krein Rudinstein.

MG Rudinstein his wife is on the carpet "Kinotavr".

MG Rudinstein stands on the stairs "Kinotavr" among directors, and actors.

On stage, congratulating Krein Rudinstein.

At the circus leaves MG Rudinstein a camel.

At the circus acts Mordjukova.

In M. Rudinstein actors throw flowers.

At the meeting of MG Rudinstein sits at the head table with Yankovsky. "

The workers of the festival.

Stairs "Kinotavr" descend directors, actors.

At the circus group photo with MG Rudinstein.


Golicina Irina -- designer Kennedi Zhaklin Kennedi D. Tejlor E. -- Anglo-American actress Vandiver Dzheff -- aerobics instructor Mitroshenkov A. Pozner V. Bikov R. Sorokina S. -- TV presenter Agalarov A. -- President of the "Crocus International" Molchanov V. Prohanov S. Romashin A. Vinogradov S. Pevcov D. Zajcev V. Rudinshtejn M. Bekmambetov T.

Calendar: 1997

Locations: Rome (Italy) Vatican Moscow [820]

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