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Plot: The Assyrian New Year.

Illumination "6747."

BN Photo Yeltsin and Joon Davitashvili.

Djuna Davitashvili and her guests.

Joon said Davitashvili.

Said Igor Ballo - president of the association of gambling business in Moscow.

On stage, playing ensemble.

At tables celebrating the New Year.

Among the guests dancing Joon Davitashvili.

Said Igor Ballo - president of the association of gambling business in Moscow.

Assyrian dance dance.

Joon said Davitashvili.

Plot: The Russian Cossacks and aviators against Oleg Gazmanov.

(April Fools' story)

Zhirinovsky speaks at the rally.

Said the Cossack.

Digest with Oleg Gazmanov.

Sit Cossacks.

Digest with Oleg Gazmanov.

The military look to the sky.

Flying aircraft.


Digest with Oleg Gazmanov.

Plot: Murmansk Trawl Fleet.

Caption: Yuri Plutkov - Director General of JSC "Murmansk Trawl Fleet."

There are mooring ships.

Is loaded on the ship.

Workers in orange helmets.

Fisherman on boat shows fish.

Fishing boat.

At Sea Fishing Vessel.

Photo with the words "The first trawler new series" photo trawler "Ivan Shan'kov."

At sea trawler "Ivan Shan'kov."

Said Yuri Plutkov.

Captain's cabin.

Trawler "Ivan Shan'kov." Deck of the trawler.

Plot: "Mercury" - a prize.

At the coast rusty ships.


Vessels at sea.

About net into the sea gulls float.

Gold Award "Mercury".

Said Yuri Plutkov.

Synopsis: The conflict over the building of the Supreme Court.

Map of Moscow.

Build a house.

Workers at a construction site.

House in the woods.

Build a house on Cook Street.

A sign on the building of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

A sign on the building, "the Moscow City Council."

People on the streets of Moscow.

Men eat bananas.

Plot: Spain - a catastrophe.

It should be the people on the train accident site.

On railway tracks covered with disaster victims.

Map of Spain.

Are wounded.

Lie covered with disaster victims.

Upturned car.

People from the train.

Plot: Parliamentary elections in England.


The building goes John Major, said in front of microphones.

Tony Blair with schoolchildren.

Tony Blair to the press.

The plot: The Ukrainian transport.

Ferry Ilyichevsk - Varna.

Stand trial.


Rusty ship.

On the road going car.

Traffic light.

Railroad freight cars.

Sailing ship.


Sitting on the parapet of the old woman.


Ships in port.

Ride car on a city street.

Passengers on the platform with the big plaid bags.

The railway station of Odessa.

Train departs.

Synopsis: Racism in Europe.

On the facade of the building traces of fire.

Are the people behind the protective tape.

Broken windows at home.

Plane from Turkey.

Crying women and men.

Men carry the coffin.


Among the demonstrators women with covered faces.

The crowd raised their hands on the coffin.

Congress on stage far-right National Front of Jean-Marie Le Pen.

People in the audience applauded.


French police arrested the car plant.

On the area of ​​crowd.

Congress Hall of the far-right National Front.

The building of the European Parliament.

Plot: Albania-invasion.

People on the deck.

Chant woman with flowers in her hands.

The microphones Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Meeting room.

Are men and women, a car with a red cross.

Men unload the car.

Woman with a red cross on his chest marks paper.

On the table and on the floor box.

The military, among the people Prime Minister Romano Prodi.

Leave the machine with the flags of countries on the hood.

The area of ​​the city.

Plot: Catholic Easter

The entire area is filled with people of St.


Two photos of John Paul II.

Photo - Children looking for Easter eggs at the White House in America.

The plot: The law on direct investment in Kazakhstan.

Working in the career section of the Ekibastuz coal mining combine.

Says the man on taxes.


In wagons loaded coal.

In a career cut works Ekibastuz coal mining combine.

Fray coal.

Says the man about money.

Wagons with coal.

Ekibastuz cut.

Ride wagons with coal.


Davitashvili Dzhuna Ballo I. -- President of the association of gambling business in Moscow Gazmanov O. Gazmanov R. -- son O.Gazmanova Zhirinovskij V.V. Plutkov Yu. -- General Director of JSC "Murmansk Trawl Fleet" Prodi Romano -- Italian statesman and political figure Mejdzhor D. Bler Toni Le Pen Zhan Mari -- French politician




Moscow [820] Murmansk Spain [205] London (UK) Ukraine, Odessa Europe (Turkey, France, Albania, Italy) Kazakhstan [114]

Transportation; Culture and Arts; Disasters; Towns and countries; Foreign policy