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Scene №1 Plots of "Our team"

Plot: Supervisors urban transport.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Sign 4th Trolleybus Park. P. Schepetilnikova

Ticket inspector checking the passengers of urban transport.

Interviews with supervisors (the rules of the penalty)

Women pay a fine for ticketless travel in public transport

Men surrounded the woman.

Entrance to the State Committee MOSGORTRANS

Interview Gubareva Vera Petrovna - deputy.



Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Plot: Model business.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Paris: Eiffel Tower at night.

Models on stage

Interview mannequins Karaseva Ludmila (the story about the legal side of operation)

Moscow model agency.

Interview with a representative of the agency "Rus"

Contract form modeling agency "Rus"

Pictures of girls models in the west

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Story: School.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

The school building, the building AMOBANK

Title-On Introduction of Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Russian Federation

"On Education" (plots of land assigned to the state educational institutions for unlimited free use)

The school building

Security guard

Building AMOBANK

Gymnasium school with peeling plaster.

The school administration and the director of the documents show, and plans.

The school principal Nishanova Evgenia talking on the phone with Vladimir Y. (bank employee).

The school administration after talks with Vladimir Y. (bank employee).

Interviewed by the school administration. (Bank paper asks what we want, at what time, under what conditions)

Interview with the school principal Nishanova Evgenia. (Contract)

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya.

Plot: Fake tickets.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Leading by Xerox stamped ticket.

The tray sell books, certificates, school certificates, diplomas.

Documents on disability badge.

Different covers for documents.

Supervisors on public transport.

Receipt penalty for ticketless travel.

Entrance to the State Committee MOSGORTRANS

Interview Gubareva Vera Petrovna - deputy.

Chief TSOBI (for disputes controller assigns passengers to the police).

Fake tickets.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Plot: The first children's club in Moscow.

Children with a clown.

Crawling children.

Baby pirate cafe.

Interview with the organizer of children's club (the idea to bring together entertainment for children, so there was a club)

Acrobats perform.

Smiles and applauds woman.

On stage, the children are the actors with puppets.

Clown handing out pencils.

Clown and children.

Girl eating cake.

Children hands touch water in a small fountain.

Plot: A special investigation.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

For Kalinin Avenue are pedestrians.

The answer to the question of a passer free lottery. (No confidence)

People relax on the lawn.

Go two girls.

People on Kalinin Avenue.

Female agent is testing in the lead.

Card Lottery.

Rules card.

A ticket to a lottery.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Plot: Kvass.

Stand-leading Olga Bratkovskaya

Barrels marked Kvass

Concert in the Park with beer advertising

The survey on the street about kvass.

Abandoned factory workshop.

At Luzhniki Stadium on stage tender ditties.

Children drink kvass from plastic cups.

Kvass drink visitors Luzhniki, talk about their feelings.

Entrance to the Public Investment Corporation.

Plate - Russian Joint Stock Company International economic cooperation.

Production of kvass.

Stand-presenter Olga Bratkovskaya

Barrel for sale kvass summer.

Stand-presenter Olga Bratkovskaya

Plot: A special investigation.

Stand-presenter Olga Bratkovskaya

TRAVELLING AGENCY inscription "White Sun"

Advertising in the newspaper Extra M

Interview affected by travel agencies (are guilty, would be compensated for the damage)

Permit is a legal document and if there is a listing of items.

Interview with lawyer Marina Kashchenko

Tourist leaflet.

Travel agents work with clients.



Tourist sign "Satellite"

Stand-presenter Olga Bratkovskaya

Story: Women's service in the Armed Forces of Russia.

For all questions about buying a timeshare, contact Pardis GROUP at:


The document on the state of emergency at home 4 to Basmanny lane.

Interview with the father of Svetlana (daughter of the service in the missile troops)

Daughter, Svetlana.

Interview mother Svetlana (her positive attitude to her daughter will serve in the army) (Words of thanks to President Boris Yeltsin that he took part in the resolution of problems with learning Svetlana at a military school)

The view from the apartment window.





Finance; Transportation; Education; Culture and Arts; Defense and internal security; Social life; Crime and Accidents