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Reel №1 Collection of stories TV News

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Speech by the rock group "Brigade S" with the song "My Little Baby" singer G.Sukachev.

Clip: CBC Building in the evening.

MPs go to the First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR.

MPs up and down the escalators.

Meeting room.

Gorbachev on the stand.

MPs vote (open voting).

Academician Sakharov sitting on the stairs in the hall PDR.

Patriarch Alexy II puts the ballot in the ballot box.

Vote Yeltsin, Gorbachev at the polling station.

Gorbachev gestures on the podium.

Yeltsin gestures.

Boris Yeltsin in the crowd of reporters on the street - shot from above.

Lobby Congress: Cost G.H.Popov.

At the podium talking to Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin.

Yeltsin is on Tverskaya Street.

The plot is about the erotic theater.

Panorama of the old house in the evening.

Interview with the actor.


The audience in the hall.

Interview actors.

Erotic drawings.

Fragment representation.

Body art.

The theater building.

06.1989, Kiev: A fragment of a football match.

Coach passes V.Lobanovsky, interviews V.Lobanovskogo.

Interview O.Blohina player in the car.

His wife and daughter O.Blohina.

O.Blohin family in Kiev.

Said his wife O.Blohina.

Exhibition of avant-garde artists.

Artist interviews L.Purygina.

Visitors to the exhibition.

Auction "Sotheby's".


Candles are burning, the people in the temple.

Victims of the April demonstration in Tbilisi.

The funeral of the slain.

Synchronous interview R.Theidze (director studio "Georgia Film) A.Dzhavakishvili,

Open letter to the President of the USSR M. Gorbachev.

Rally in Georgia.

M.Lordkiranidze acts.

Rally in Tbilisi in April 1989.

L.Gogoberidze interview.

Russian troops in Tbilisi.

Interview military.

Meeting in the night.

Speech by Deputy T.Gamkrelidze the Congress of the CPSU.

Crackdown in Tbilisi (shooting amateur camera).

Interview the victim in the hospital.

Said the commander of the Transcaucasus Military District I.Rodionov.

Crackdown in Tbilisi (shooting amateur camera).

Speaks at the podium D.Patiashvili.

Said hospital chief doctor V.Pipia.

Interview the victims in the hospital.

Interview with foreign doctors.

Doctors at the hospital.

Meeting with foreign doctors.

T.Changolidze interview.

Russian soldiers in the room with the cards.

Checking documents in the street in Tbilisi.

Interview with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Eduard Shevardnadze.

Powered K.Gorouli chaser.

Riots in the streets of Tbilisi.

Gorbachev speaks about the situation in Georgia.

Rally in Tbilisi.

War in the streets of Tbilisi.

Says student D.Turashvili.

Rally in Moscow's Pushkin Square.

Detain the protesters, put in a police bus.

Police cordon.

People at the rally.

People in the church.

M.Gostava said.

Pictures of the dead.


S.Drobycheva interview.

The streets of Tbilisi.

People read the newspaper "Dawn of the East."

Bird soars over Tbilisi.

07.1989: Flying over Ferghana.

Riots in Ferghana - removed from the top point.

Locals say.

Destruction, burned cars, killed by the smoke from the fires.

Kokand in smoke - removed from the aircraft.

Brutally murdered people.

Destroyed homes.

Wrecked cars.


The people at the clinic.

Tent city.

Said a representative government.

People cry.

Children watch.

Index "Kokand" on the road, passing a police car.

Yu.V.Shatalina interview, Chief of the Internal Troops of the USSR.

Flying over Kokand, riots.

Confiscated weapons.

Verification of documents from motorists at the entrance to Fergana.

A police station in Fergana.



Synchronous interview police officers involved in the removal and arrest of criminals.

"Sweeps", made by the military in mountainous areas.

Soldiers sit in a helicopter.

Flies a helicopter.

Military jumping out of a helicopter, are on the road in the mountains.

Shooting war in the village.

Refugees walk along the road, standing in the airport.

Key words

International conflicts The collapse of the USSR


Sukachev G. -- musician
Gorbachev M.S.
Shevardnadze E.A.
Eljcin B.N.
Blohin O. -- footballer
Lobanovskij V. -- Football Coach
Purigin L. -- artist
Rodionov I.
Shatalin Yu.V. -- police officer





Culture and Arts; Domestic policy; Sport; Wars, conflicts and disasters