Opening of Japan (Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to Japan) (1991)

Documentary №26523, 1 part, duration: 0:58:36
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Reel №1 Opening of Japan (Mikhail Gorbachev's visit to Japan)


Japanese land on the water tram.

Traffic on the river.

Japanese people on the street.

Brazier Street.

Doves on the street.

Japanese waving flags of the USSR and Japan on the streets of Tokyo.

04/16/1991: Official welcoming ceremony of the President of the USSR Emperor of Japan.

Honor guard.

Gorbachev and pass Akihito.

Remove reporters.

Said a senior adviser to the President of the Soviet Yakovlev.



Coastal cliffs.

Winter, Russia - drawn sleigh ride.


Orthodox churches.

Peter I.

Flying seagull.

Japanese national holiday.

04/16/1991: The Imperial Palace, go Gorbachev and T.Kayfu.

Gorbachev and R.Gorbacheva get in the car, the Emperor Akihito and his wife escorted them.

Train rides.

Carriage rides.

The Winter Palace in St.


Portrait of Empress Catherine II.

04/16/1991: The first round of Japanese-Soviet summit talks, Gorbachev and T.Kayfu shake hands, the delegations at the table.

Says A.A.Bessmertnyh, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

A police officer on the street.

Card-playing on the streets of Tokyo.

R.Gorbacheva passes, talks with the Japanese on the street.

Japanese police.

Flags of the Soviet Union and Japan.

Blossoming cherry branches.

04/17/1991: Meeting with Gorbachev chairman of the Socialist Party of Japan T.Doi.

Street evening Tokyo.

Shop windows.

Cooking on the street.

Interview passers in Russia about the Japanese.

Japanese man on a tractor.

Houses in the Japanese city.

Says T.Kasai - President "Yokohama Trading".

National holiday.

Buddhist temple.

04/18/1991: Mikhail Gorbachev speaks at a meeting with the Japanese public.

Report on the streets of Tokyo.

Cooking on the street, eating Japanese at the tables.

Japanese speak desk phone.

R.Gorbacheva, G.Volchek and others watching the art of making bouquets.

Interview with the Japanese on the street.

04/17/1991: Gorbachev and Prime Minister of Japan T.Kayfu in talks (one on one).


Seascape in the Kuril Islands.

04/18/1991: Mikhail Gorbachev speaks at a meeting with the Japanese public.

Traffic on evening Tokyo street.

Newsreel of the 20's.: Japanese intervention in the Far East.

Newsreel 1938-1939.: Fights at Lake Khasan and Halkin-Gol.

The monument to the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Monument on the square.

04/19/1991: Laying flowers at the park of the world (Evening) Nagasaki.

Newsreel 1945: the building overlook the Japanese military parade Japanese POWs (shot from behind).

Says T.Kasai, former prisoner of war.

Says President of "Shinshu Trading" H.Morikava, a former prisoner of war.

Gorbachev meets with representatives of former prisoners of war.

Japanese prints.

Boats on the river.

Gorbachev meeting with the chairman of the society, "Soka Gakkai" D.Ikeda.

Says Japanese musician in the restaurant.

The audience in the restaurant at the tables.

Musician playing a Russian song.

Gorbachev, R.Gorbacheva T.Kayfu and plant a tree.

Interview on the Japanese market.

R.Gorbacheva at the Tsukiji fish market, the Japanese greet her.

Buddhist temple in the park.

Vacationers at the table.

Japanese family.

Passes an elderly Japanese woman.

Interview LP Kravchenko, President of the All-Union Radio Company.

04/17/1991: Mikhail Gorbachev during a meeting with Japanese businessmen.

The flags of Japan and the USSR.

Gorbachev at the banquet.

Work in the port.

Gorbachev goes into the room, sits down at the negotiating table, the Soviet and Japanese delegations at the table.

A.N.Yakovleva interview.

Engravings illustrating the Russian-Japanese relations.

The Japanese on the street trying to drink (vodka).

T.Kasai said.

04/18/1991: International festival "Children's Summit", there T.Kayfu Gorbachev and their spouses.

Ships on the river.

Types of Japan.

Pass the elderly Japanese women.

Russian-style house on the street.


Gorbachev speaks.

Gorbachev and T.Kayfu sign joint documents.

Plane takes off (night).

Report on the Tokyo subway traffic intersection.


Gorbachev M.S. Yakovlev A.N. Kajfu Tosiki -- Prime Minister of Japan Gorbacheva R.M. -- wife of Mikhail Gorbachev Kravchenko L.P. -- Party and state leaders Akihito -- Emperor of Japan Bessmertnih A.A. -- statesman Doi T. -- Japanese politician

Calendar: 04.1991

Locations: Japan, Tokyo, Nagasaki

Seasons: Spring [825] Day [828] Evening [829]

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