(1989) The first issue of the Press Club

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Reel №1 The first issue of the Press Club

Mounting leading the monitor next to him Valery Mechanic - head of the production complex APN.

Journalists in the hall leading K.Proshutinskaya.

First story: The First Congress of People's Deputies.

CBC building at night.

MPs go to the First Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR.

MPs up and down the escalators.

Meeting room.

Gorbachev on the stand.

MPs vote (open voting).

Academician Sakharov sitting on the stairs in the hall PDR.

Patriarch Alexy II puts the ballot in the ballot box.

Vote Yeltsin, Gorbachev at the polling station.

Gorbachev gestures on the podium.

Yeltsin gestures.

Boris Yeltsin in the crowd of reporters on the street - shot from above.

Lobby Congress: Cost G.H.Popov.

At the podium talking to Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin.

MPs argue in the courtroom.

Pass through the gates of the Kremlin to the Trinity.

Handshake Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin.

Rally, are policemen.

Soviet flag on the building of PDR.

The MPs of the Union republics.

Burning candles, praying and crying people - evening.

Tanks on the streets of the city (night).

Bear portrait killed.

Mourning flags.

A female member of his head in his hands.

The soldier holding his head.

A minute of silence at the Congress.

Wrecked train cars "Adler-Novosibirsk".

Lie dead.

Gorbachev waves.

The reflection in the windows domes PDR.

Alexy II in the hall of Congress.

In the hall sat together Shevardnadze E.Ligachev, Ryzhkov and others

G. Popov of the floor.


Chernichenko writer on the podium.

A group of deputies withdrew.

At the podium talking to Mikhail Gorbachev and Anatoly Lukyanov.

Playing deputies from the audience.

Looks Gorbachev.

Sakharov is interviewed on the sidelines.

Ryzhkov is interviewed on the street.

Lukyanov on the podium.

Deputies in the hall.

Talk story in the Press Club.

View story about meeting MDG (Interregional Group of Deputies) in May 1989 in the House of Cinematographers.

S.Zelikina interview filmmaker.

The plot of LDH in the "Time".

Yeltsin, G. Popov, Yu.

Afanasev, Yu.

Chernichenko, O.Bogomolov, Primakov on the podium.

Interview A.Sobchaka, S.Stankevicha the sidelines.

Statement of People's Deputies of the USSR VA, Palma, A.Gelmana.

K.Proshutinskaya L.Parfenov and talking in the hall.

Yu.N.Afanasev acts.



Boldyreva interview on the sidelines of the House of Cinema.

In the hall are the Yu.

Boldyrev, G.Starovoytova.

Gathered at the House of Cinema.

Discussion of the plot.

K.Proshutinskaya said.

Says A.Giganov (Youth Edition CT).

Says V.Minin, USSR People's Deputy,

Says V.Litenko, editor of the editorial board video APN.

Saver ATV.

Advertising car "Lada".

The plot of the miners.

Talk to the Press Club.


Proshutinskaya K. -- TV reporter
Parfenov L. -- TV reporter





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