Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (1995)

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Reel №1 Hiroshima and Nagasaki

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Film Jeremy Bennett (writer and producer).



In the film, a lot of interviews with the participants of the event, the Americans and the Japanese.

Views of the city, transport, people.

Chronicle of 1945.

American plane in the sky.

U.S. President Harry Truman spoke with pride about to drop the bomb on Hiroshima.

Destroyed homes.

Japanese go past the ruins.

Photos and footage of dead and people exposed.


Dropped the bomb on Nagasaki.

Military parade in Japan.

Military parade of the Nazis in Germany.

American scientists working on the invention of the bomb.

Footage of war.

Americans during World War II.

Funeral of President Roosevelt.

The new president - Harry Truman.

In the laboratory, scientists are working to create a nuclear bomb.

Chronicle of war: the Soviet troops, the Nazis.

Signing the documents of surrender.

Harry Truman speaks to the people.

Color Chronicle war, Americans committing atrocities in Okinawa.

The Japanese Imperial Army, training fighters.

I parade Japan.

U.S. Air Force.

Air raid on Tokyo.

Drop the bomb.

Dilapidated Japanese city.

Houses burn, military vehicles, the poor in the ruins.

Government Suzuki.

Siginori Toko, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Toko in the USSR. Out of the plane, he is met by the Soviet delegation.

The signing of a neutrality pact with Japan.

In the frame of Toko, Joseph Stalin.

Truman's speech of surrender.

Japanese prisoner of war camp.

American prisoners.


Harry Truman in office.

American cryptographers working.

Japanese Emperor Hirohito's chest with medals.

Photos and videos of U.S. political and military leaders.

Admiral Lee, Herbert Hoover, Joseph Gray, Douglas MacArthur, James Byrnes.

The explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Truman and Byrnes paddle steamer out of the plane.

Potsdam Conference.

In the picture of Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman, James Byrnes.

Signing documents representatives.


Preparation of the American 509th combined group.

American bombers in the sky.

Japanese flag, the residence.

Potsdam conference, round table.

Japanese poor.


Truman's meeting with George VI, King of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

General Dwight Eisenhower.

The atomic bomb "Little Boy", preparation for discharge, the U.S. military, aircraft.

Japan's view from the top.

Airplane B-29 B-29 (Superfortress) over Hiroshima.

Mushroom cloud.

The ruined city, the bodies affected.

Soviet troops in Manchuria, war.

Soviet soldiers dancing.

Soviet tanks in the streets.

Japanese soldiers lay down their arms.

Plutonium bomb "Fat Man".

The U.S. military put their signatures on it.

Bomber over Nagasaki.

The pilot in the cockpit.

The explosion of a plutonium bomb.

Nagasaki after the bombing.

Harry Truman and the American administration.

Japanese landscape.

Photo Hirohito.

Sound recording treatment of Emperor Hirohito to the people.

Japanese people are on the streets, listen.

Truman and Byrnes at the table, working with documents.

Joseph Stalin is laughing.

Tokyo Bay, the USS "Missouri".

General MacArthur read the document of surrender.

Japanese delegation on board, the representatives of the Emperor and the government.

American sailors.

The signing of the surrender.

Emperor Hirohito goes through the city, the Japanese crowd around.

Hirohito sits in the car.

The imperial family for a walk.


Americans cheering, a lot of people on the streets.

Dancing, shouting, waving flags.

Black mushroom cloud.

Chinese atomic bomb explosion.

Chinese rejoicing.


Garri Trumen -- statesman (USA)
Siginori Toko -- statesman (Japan)
Hirohito -- statesman (Japan)
Stalin I.V. -- statesman (USSR)
Gerbert Guver -- statesman (USA)
Dzhozef Grej -- statesman (USA)
Dzhejms Birn -- statesman (USA)
Duglas Makartur -- statesman and military leader (USA)
Georg VI -- Statesman (UK)
Duajt Ejzenhauer -- statesman and military leader (USA)




Japan, U.S.

Ecology; Disasters; Towns and countries; Foreign policy; Wars, conflicts and disasters; World War II
Geography and Nature; Policy; History