Syberia is on a Screen 2003 № 8

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Director: V.Novikov

Operators: B.Travkin

Other authors: A.Antonov, S.Sorokvashina, V.Serov

Reel №1

1 1.6 m from the NDP in MMT MMT

West Siberian studio

"Siberia on the screen" № 8,2003 g

Living Water Altai

2 10,5 LS. PNRM. in the mountains

NARRATOR: In the legends that tell-teller kaichi, my homeland - the Altai Mountains, called the country of a thousand hills.

But no one thought - how many of them actually ...... just as no one has measured several water in rivers, streams, lakes of Altai.

But it is well known - this extraordinary water.

She - alive.

She treated wounds our fabulous hero Sartak-pai.

Her eyes saw giantess Bala.

And nowadays Altai water gives life and health of everyone who comes with a good heart and an open mind.

3 2,1 MS. Mountains

4 7,9 LS. Mountains, PNRM. Lake

5 3,5 LS. River between mountains, PNRM.

6 3,8 LS. Bay, PNRM. waterfall

7 3,1 CU. Foot Falls, PNRM.

8 2,6 MS. Plaque with the inscription of the church.

ANNOUNCER: All Altais not matter what god they pray - worship holy springs - Arzhanov.

Christians, pagans.

Buddhists in their own way to thank a higher power for what they gave Altai healthful living water.

9 7,0 MS. to Spring, PNRM. the cross LS.

10 2,3 MS. Spring

11 1.8 From NDP MMT in MMT

Living Water Altai

12 9,5 LS. Morning.

Mountains, leaving the river

13 5,7 MS. PNRM. by Rex

14 3,6 LS. Trees in the mountains, train.

NARRATOR: To the water for a long time drawn Altai village, lying in the river valleys.

Altai proud that over the centuries they have managed to preserve their language, their customs, their way of life.

Only now people have started to realize that this - the greatest wealth of the people

15 2,6 MS. Home

16 3,3 LS. The shepherd drives the cows through the village, PNRM.

17 1,6 MS. Dog fence

18 3,6 LS. Rider at home

19 3,2 LS. Rider passing on the street, PNRM.

20 5,6 LS. PNRM. River

ANNOUNCER: The best source of energy in the Altai - a small river, swift and irresistible in his fall from the mountain heights.

GES first built in the valley Chulyshman, blocking river Kaira.

Unlike large dams, such power does not harm nature.

21 2,9 MS. River flow

22 3,8 LS. PNRM. the dam

23 2,1 CU. Dam

24 2,6 MS. Water pours

25 2,6 MS. However, impact

26 4,6 LS. Dam GTNR Mountain

27 2,7 LS. Ribbons on the tree-billed murre

28 4,2 CU. Same as before. departure

29 5,6 LS. PNRM. River

ANNOUNCER: We all have a common water Altai patroness, Suu eezi.

Every river, every stream, spring or lake, there is also its hostess.

It protects your source and does not like when it is treated with disrespect.

That is why no one Altaian not throw the water stone, stick, not zamutit its purity.

Indeed, the hostess can be angry and revenge.

30 3,2 MS.

Beach turbulent river

31 2,5 CU. Stones under water

32 4,7 CU. Rocks on the shore, PNRM.

33. 2,2 CU. Fish in water

34. 4,3 LS. Threshold on the river, PNRM.

35. 3,8 MS. However, PNRM.

36. 3,8 CU. However, PNRM.

37. 3,2 MS. PNRM. in the mountains

38. 6,5 MS. PNRM. waterfall "Achelman"

39. 4,6 CU. However, PNRM.

40. 3,7 LS. Waterfall in the mountains

41. 3,9 CU. Bird on a pine tree

42. M LS. The Cranes Are Flying, PNRM.

43. 7.2 LS. Teletskoe lake.


Announcer: Altyn-Kel Lake Teletskoe-pearl jewel in the crown of Altai.

Forty cubic kilometers of crystal water.

Scientists believe its standard of cleanliness.

44. 5,4 LS. However, PNRM.

45. 4,3 MS.

Motor ship on the lake, leaving

46. ​​1,7 CU. Plant on the rocks near the shore

47. 6,9 LS. Boat and motor boat on the lake

48. 3,7 LS. Motorboat on the lake

ANNOUNCER: Emerging from the Teles, this water gives rise to Obi, one of the great rivers of Siberia and Russia.

Altaici nice to know that without Teletssogo Lake would be incomplete Arctic Ocean - it flows into the Ob.

In the eternal ice droplets live there, which once reflected the sky, mountains, Altai taiga ...

49. 11,1 CU. .

Yacht on the lake, leaving

50. 5,0 LS. Thickets of wild sea buckthorn in the mountains, PNRM.

51. 2,5 CU. Branch of sea buckthorn

52. 3,7 CU. However, PNRM.

53. 4,8 LS. Waterfall "impregnable."

NARRATOR: Few managed to see with my own eyes Chulcha waterfall on the river.

It's called - "impregnable."

To reach it, we must overcome the steep mountainous slopes, escape treacherous rock slides, go turbulent rapids.

But everything is forgotten at the sight of this ...

54 3,8 CU.


4,7 CU.

However, PNRM.


The top of the waterfall

57 LS. Foot Falls, PR

58 CU. Water pours

59 MS. Foot Falls - PNRM.

60 MS. to Waterfall "Inaccessible"

Announcer: On a heaven and we pray our gods.

Let there be eternal mountains and this ZTE taiga.

Let us never subside waves lapping the shores of lakes, gurgling streams, roaring waterfalls.

Altai is alive water - we live on earth we Altai, proud and free people.

61 MS. Fog in the mountains before, PNRM. River Valley

62 LS. River

63 NDP From MMT in MMT

Siberia on the screen, the № 8-2003

3TM of MMT in

Living water mountain rivers, springs, lakes Altai admired:

V. Novikov






Newsreel filmed with the support of Ministry of Culture Cinematography Service of the Russian Federation

Key words

Landscapes. Livestock. Cartage. Trains. Settlements. Christianity. Energy. River transport. Wildlife. Rest. Flora.