Military conflicts in the South Caucasus (1990-1999)

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Scene №1 Military conflicts in the former USSR

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Chronicle of 1969. Northern Ireland.

National holiday.

Solemn procession with drums.

Indigenous Irish rallies in the streets.

Police clash with Protestant militants.

British soldiers in the streets.



Tank rides through the village.

Arkady Volsky, the head of the Special Management Committee

Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region,

on preparations for the ethnic war (synchronously).

Roadblock with Russian soldiers.

Soldiers in tanks in the streets of the city.

Meeting people, the Armenian flag.

June 1989. Uzbek SSR. Ferghana region.

Interview with a shortage of military soldiers of internal troops

to resolve the conflict and to attract students (synchronous).

Russian cadets accompany people to the helicopter, get in the helicopter.

Helicopter in the air.

Armed Russian soldiers block the way Uzbek extremists.

Soldiers with ammunition moving river.

Soldiers with shock-proof shields.


Uzbeks against the soldiers.

Shooting at Uzbeks.




A mass demonstration in the square in front of Government House.

Clash of the people with the soldiers.


Interviews with soldiers of internal troops.

Central Asia.


People with things, soldiers, helicopter.

Soldiers of the systems are on the city area.

Chronicle of 1969. Northern Ireland, Ulster.

British troops with weapons

Irish disperse the demonstration.

A lot of photojournalism from the place of conflict.

Uzbek SSR. Ferghana region.

Refugees: women, children, the wounded men.

Dilapidated five-story building, laundry drying on a clothesline.



People crowded around the truck with food.

Old woman with a loaf of bread at the store.

Interview with the girl about the queues for bread (synchronously).

Mass rally under the flag of Azerbaijan.


Soldiers blocked streets, many people.

Russian soldiers, tanks and military vehicles.

Russian soldiers are pushed to the town square.

An interview with the Russian military.

Airborne soldiers.

Chronicle of 1969. Northern Ireland, Ulster.

British soldiers armed clashes with the Irish.



A mass demonstration

the square in front of the Government House.

Tanks in the area.

Interview with Georgian officials.


Curfew in Tbilisi.

Patrol car and checked documents.

Russian soldiers are sleeping in chairs.

APC is going to Tbilisi.

Chronicle of 1969. Northern Ireland, Ulster.

Wounded in the crowd.


Military funeral procession

coffins under the British flag.

Ferghana region.

Russian officers bareheaded.

A hospital nurse.

Interviews with local residents.

Many people on the street.

Interview with a Russian captain

the seizure of weapons from the local population.

Patrol car and checked the documents of drivers.

The massive funeral procession of civilians.

Carry coffins and pictures of the dead.

Arkady Volsky, the head of the Special Management Committee

Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region,

the nationalist instincts (synchronously).

Fergana, a mass rally in front of the administration building.

Arkady Volsky, the head of the Special Management Committee

Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region,

the need for good governance and negotiation (synchronous).

Department of Internal Affairs.

Policemen with seized weapons.

Warlords of the problems with the armament of troops (synchronously).

Special Forces ("red berets").

Soldiers fulfill unarmed combat.


Interviews with soldiers of the detachment.

Soldiers of the detachment on the bus, in the woods.

Northern Ireland.

Outfit British soldiers patrolling the streets.


Irish flags at the entrance to the city.

Russian flag.

Military camp of internal troops.

Tents, armored personnel carriers.


Voljskij A.I. -- political and economic actors

Calendar: 1990s

Locations: Northern Ireland, Ferghana region, Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia

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