"Star" Severin. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Kondakov C.

Script writers: Golovanov J.

Operators: Pomorin I., Merchants I.

Anouncers: Lanovoy B.

Text writers: Symphorien F.


A film about the Bureau and the factory where under the leadership of Severin create the world's best money saving pilots and astronauts.

Movie №1 "Star" Severin

Early 20's.

The man took off.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

Flying jets.

April 12, 1961. R-7 launch into space.

Gagarin went into space.

Parade on Red Square.

Astronauts board the bus.

Tomilino settlement.

Pilot Enterprise "Star." The company employs over high-altitude suits and space suits.

Have been developed: centrifuge, ejection stands, vacuum chamber.

Tells G.I.Severin, General Director of NPP "Star", the academician.

American Chronicle training for a space flight.

Astronaut outfit to reach outer space.

Chronicle of the flight of Soviet cosmonauts in space and out into space.

Mission Control Center.

Emergency landing of astronauts.

Astronauts go on the red carpet.

Chronicle of flying the space station.

Images from the documentary film "Strong in Spirit", filmed in 1950 in the Alatau mountains. G.I.Severina photo with your friends, for their studies.

Tests of safety in emergency situations for pilots of jet aircraft.

Personnel news test various aircraft test pilot VS Ilyushin.

Says VS Ilyushin, Hero of the Soviet Union, the test pilot.

Different ejection seats designed G.I.Severinym. G.I.Severin says.

Says VS Ilyushin.

Yak-38U after attempt falls short takeoff from the deck into the sea.

The pilot was rescued by ejection seat.

Says VS Ilyushin.

Cape Canaveral, USA. 28.01.1986 year.

Rockets launched from the shuttle.

Rocket explosion.

The astronauts were killed.

Tells G.I.Severin, 2002. The launch and the space shuttle "Columbia".

November 15, 1988. Start "Buran", his landing. "Buran" is in Baikonur.

G.I.Severin says.

Work at KB Severin.

Designed antishock suit and special costumes for children afflicted with cerebral palsy.

June 8, 1988. Le Bourget airfield.

Air Show.

Demonstrates the latest advances in aircraft design.

Tells A.N.Kvochur, Hero of Russia, the test pilot.

Designed ejection seats for helicopter K-50 "Black Shark".

Test access for K-50. V.G.Severin son G.I.Severina.

Photo V.G.Severina.

Personnel news on testing ejection seats designed for the sport aircraft.

Experienced V.G.Severin chair.

Developed and tested the suit for interplanetary flights.

A man flying a paraglider.