Ascent (2004)

Documentary №27206, 1 film, duration: 0:31:49
Director:.Kraeva G.
Screenwriters:Ivanov D.
Anouncers:Lanovoy V.


Film for the 75th anniversary of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

Movie №1 Ascent

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Personnel news of man's first attempt to create a vehicle and take off.

Photo of the Wright brothers, Sergei Korolev, Gagarin. N.Armstrong on the moon.

Institute building MAI.

Early 20th century.

Personnel news about the development of aeronautics in the Soviet Union.

Nicholas II on review of troops.

The work of the Institute in the wind.

Photo creator Aerodynamic Institute Zhukovsky.

Photos: D.P.Grigorovich, I.I.Sikorsky, Tupolev, Kalinin, B.N.Yurev.

Flight Russian airplanes.

AM Cheriomukhin helicopter.

Different types of aircraft.

March 1930, on the basis of faculty aeromechanical MSTU. Bauman was created high school aeromechanical YOU (MAI).

The first director of the Institute G.P.Sudakov.

Deputy - B.N.Yurev.

Construction of another case of MAI at the fork of the Leningrad and Volokolamsk Highway.

MAI students on the street.

Photos: I.P.Bratuhin, A.Yu.

Romashevsky, F.A.Tsander, M.K.Yangel - finished MAI. KB rocketry in Dnepropetrovsk.

Speech M.K.Yangelya.

The building of the Faculty of Engineering and Economics MAI. Education students in the MAI. Photos: D.P.Grigorovich, P.D.Grushin, the first plane P.D.Grushina "Heavenly flea." Personnel news about "Heavenly flea." Assembling La-4 and La-5. Hero of the Soviet Union pilot I.V.Kozhedub surrounded by people. D.P.Grushin in KB "Torch."

Photos: F.Pauers, broken U-2 anti-aircraft air defense S-300 missiles to-1000 and A-925, part of the air defense system of Moscow.

Favorites Search engine-building.

Photo G.S.Skubachevskogo.

Assembling piston engines.

Photo A.M.Lyulki academician, founder of jet engines for MiG and Su.

Photo NI Kamov.

Helicopter with coaxial rotor system screws giant rotorcraft Ka-22.

S.Miheev student NI Kamov, created armored attack K-50 "Black Shark" and K-52 "Alligator".

K-52 in front of the Bureau named.


Personnel news on the MAI. 40s.

Photos MAI students.

Training and Flying Squad.

Personnel news about the Second World War.

Assembly of aircraft for the war.

Photos of the building MAI, people in the audience work.

Develop and build a Kalashnikov.

Photo A.I.Kazakov.

Testing the "Omega" Bratukhina.

Personnel news about the "Night Witches." Monument to the fallen in the Second World War.

After the war, meeting Hitler coalition.

General K.Lemey the map.

American atomic bomb.

B-29 bombers.

Soviet atomic bomb.

Photo of Major General Myashishev, G.V.Novozhilova, A.A.Tupoleva.

Work on the strategic bomber M-4. Flight of the M-4. Creating an M-50. "Atlas" will provide transportation "Burana" and the rocket "Energy".

The building of the Faculty of Electronics.

Academician M.F.Reshetnev the table at the meeting.

Assembly of satellites.

Yu.F.Voskoboev, V.K.Sloka - graduates of the MAI. America, the work on the creation of missile systems to deliver nuclear weapons.

Head of Wernher von Braun.

Photo of Sergei Korolev.

Start the R-7. Panorama of the R-7. V.P.Makeev, developed intercontinental ballistic missiles. V.P.Makeeva missile testing.

Personnel news about studying in MAI. Photo Makarova Emelyanov.


Start the R-7. Photo Yu.


Parade on Red Square dedicated to the flight of Yuri Gagarin into space.

Gagarin on the mausoleum.

Pictures of astronauts who went to the MAI.

S.G.Savitskaya, pilot-cosmonaut, deputy of the State Duma, the Hero of the Soviet Union, Associate MAI, is a lecture in a classroom.

First Deputy Sergei Korolev, Academician VP Mishin.

Initiator of the aerospace department.

Students MAI. Photo maevtsev.

Photo Bilyakova Bunkin, Nadiradze, Sokolovsky, Solomon, Tishenko.

Completed the MAI.

Photo I.F.Obraztsova, Rector of MAI in the 70's.

Our time.

The building MAI A.M.Matveenko rector. A.M.Matveenko said.

Photo of employees of foreign languages.

Photo: A.F.Dobrynin, Soviet Ambassador in America Yu.A.Ryzhov, Russia's ambassador in France.

They finished the MAI. Maevtsy: Zamyatin, Likhachev, Musin, Smirnovsky Usachev Firyubin, ambassadors in different countries of our state.

Photo test pilot Gordienko.


MAI-223 aircraft, created in KB MAI. Photo A.M.Matveenko Flight IIA - 223. Graduates of the MAI: L.Izmaylov, M. Zadornov, M.Kristalinskaya, Egorov, E.Klimov, L.Titova, G.I.Severin.

G.I.Severina catapult chair.

Spacesuit "Orlan" to explore Mars.

Students MAI. Tushino parade 60-70 GG Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin at the Tushino parade.

Different types of aircraft.

Calendar: 2004

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