The tragedy of Russian miracle. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Smirnov B.

Script writers: Golovanov J., Smirnov B.

Operators: Orozaliev K.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


About the tragic fate of the creator of a unique bomber N.S. Chernjakova.

Movie №1 The tragedy of Russian miracle

Flight Soviet fighters.

Show aerobatics.

On the airfield, towering over the other aircraft, the T-4 is "one-hundredths." In the trolley rides N.S.Chernyakov, chief designer, creator of the "hundredths".

Photo Lavochkin, aircraft.

Start cruise missile "Storm" created N.S.Chernyakovym.

Photo Sukhoi aircraft.

Tupolev at the plane.

Photo Sukhoi.

Flying fighter jets. N.S.Chernyakov says, the chief designer, "hundredths".

Tupolev and Sukhoi at the Scientific and Technical Council of Ministers on the draft strategic aircraft.

Photo: Nikita Khrushchev signed a document Khrushchev with ministers.

American carriers ply the ocean.

With American air carriers fly reconnaissance SR-71. Photos of people who work at the Tushino engineering plant, work on "hundredths", the assembly of T-4. Flying in the sky, "one-hundredths." Landing T-4.

Tells O.K.Rogozin, Lieutenant General, Chief of the Ministry of Defense.

Summer 1972 dawned dry, and the first flight of the T-4 was postponed.

Pilot test - VS Ilyushin and navigator N.Alferov, discuss details of the test T-4. Our time: VS Ilyushin and N.Alferov on the tarmac at the inactive bomber T-4. Recalls VS Ilyushin honored pilot test - the USSR, General.

Launch and flight of the T-4. Landing.

With the ramp down and VS Ilyushin N.Alferov, after testing the "hundredths".

They joyfully welcome and congratulations.

Says VS Ilyushin, General, distinguished test pilot of the USSR.

1993. American aerospace magazine published a picture of "one-hundredths," and the article, that the T-4 was removed from the flight as a result of the signing of the US-Soviet treaty on reducing strategic weapons.

Signing the agreement Leonid Brezhnev and Richard Nixon. V.M.Suhodrev says the diplomat, Leonid Brezhnev's personal translator.

Photo: A.F.Dobrynin, ambassador to the United States, under the rule of Leonid Brezhnev.

Tells G.A.Arbatov, academician.

Photo by Henry A. Kissinger, adviser to the U.S. President for National Security 1969-1973, GG, U.S. Secretary of State 1973-1977 gg

Tells O.K.Rogozin, Lieutenant General, Chief of the Ministry of Defense.

Photo of the document on the establishment of the Tu-160, the Minister of Aviation Industry P.V.Dementev. A.N.Efimov says Air Marshal. "Hundredths" in a landfill Tushino factory. N.S.Chernyakov in his office.

Photo superbombardirovschika T-60C, which was developed N.S.Chernyakovym. N.S.Chernyakov at home.