Effect Alekseeva (2003)

Documentary №27213, 1 film, duration: 0:26:51
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Filyukov D.
Screenwriters:Filyukov D., Rodina I.
Camera operators:Pomorin I., Soloviev S.
Composers:Ivanov D.
Anouncers:Lanovoy V.


About the creators of the WIG R.E. Alekseev.

Movie №1 Effect Alekseeva

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Library of Congress.

Man walks down the hall, where hung portraits of prominent figures of the world who contributed to the development of humanity in the 20th century.

The river, the ships sail on it.

Summer of 1957. Hydrofoil is removed from the hangar.

Moscow last century, on the Moscow river floats winged ship "Rocket".

Photo of "Missiles". "Rocket" is floating on the river.

First Capital "Missiles": V.Poluektov and M.Devyataev.

REAlekseyev inside "Missiles" with the team.

REAlekseyev speaks in megaphone around a lot of people.

Team photo of the Central Design Bureau for hydrofoil vessels.

In CDB working technicians.

REAlekseyev stands next to the layout of the ship "Missiles".

REAlekseyev sitting in the chair of the vessel "Missiles".

Photo: photo REAlekseyev baby, parents, young REAlekseyev, REAlekseyev next to the Gorky Institute of Industrial.

On the river floats sailing vessel.

Photo REAlekseyev, standing on the dock.

Several sailboats floating on the river.

Race regattas.

Building Gorky Polytechnic Institute.

Drawing of the ship.

Men sit at the table and view the layout of the ship.

Photo Kuznetsova, Commissar of the Navy.

In times of war.

Factory manufactures T-34. train carries the T-34.

Drawings of ships that came up REAlekseyev.

Layout "Missiles".

REAlekseyev became laureate of the Stalin Prize.

His congratulations.

REAlekseyev with technical staff to discuss details.

New vessel "Meteor", "comet".

Round the world REAlekseyev to "Comet".

People on the pier watching and photographing "Comet."

In CDB people work.

On the river float new development REAlekseyev: "Vortex", "Cyclone", "Thunderbird", "Satellite".

Tests in the courts.

Photo REAlekseyev.

Summer of 1944. Two German planes shot down Russian aircraft.

Plane lands on the runway landing ship.

Create a layout ekranoplan.

Photo REAlekseyev in CDB. Test experimental models WIG. Fabrication plant WIG. Rise of the pilot vessel to the wind cushion.

View of the earth from space.


Photos of the ship made by U.S. satellites.

People are trying to figure out what kind of vessel.

Descent ships - the layout of the water.

The ship flies over the water.

Photos REAlekseyev working.

REAlekseyev goes on the field and talking to the technician.

Freight - landing winged "Eaglet", his flight.

From the "Eaglet" leaves floating tank.

Around the "Eaglet" are people and equipment.

Testing the "Eaglet".

Photos: REAlekseyev in the car, on the plane REAlekseyev, REAlekseyev skiing.

REAlekseyev sitting at the table at the meeting.

WIG second generation model.

Winged figures. 1987, built submarine combat "Lun." Cab "Lun." "Lun" fly over the water.

Training operation to rescue people with the help of "Lun." The submarine "Komsomolets".

Map of the world.

Hangar, which is "Lun." Abandoned ekranoplan.

The new "Volga 2." Photo REAlekseyev, which stands at the window.

Moscow Olympics.

The Olympic flame is lit.

Involved in an accident and had been broken: "Caspian Monster", "Eaglet", "Volga 2." The building of the "Boeing".

Memorial stone REAlekseyev in Nizhny Novgorod.

Flying over water different airfoil.

Calendar: 2003

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