Oblivion Burana. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: V. Yushchenko

Script writers: Nikolaev L.

Operators: Durandin V. Fedorin M. Soloviev S.

Anouncers: Lanovoy B.


A film about the history of the space shuttle "Buran".

Movie №1 Oblivion Burana

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November 15, 1998. In the Park of Culture and Leisure in Moscow is an attraction "Buran".

Gathered all who had a hand in the creation of "Buran", on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of its first flight. "Energy-Buran" at the site of Baikonur.

March 1972. The public press Americans reported early development of a reusable space system.

American flight control.

The missile with the shuttle.

Landing the shuttle.

On the mausoleum is Brezhnev.

Parade on Red Square.

Meeting with Leonid Brezhnev.

Photo of Leonid Brezhnev and the Politburo.

Work on the project at the Research Institute "Buran".

Tells V.M.Filin, Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia".

Photo VPGlushko, General Designer of NPO "Energia," chief designer "Burana" Yu.P.Semenova, aircraft G.E.Lozino-Lozinski.

Photo F.A.Tsandera.

Personnel news about the cruise missile "Tempest."

In the 60 years to develop a space plane worked in Bank A. Mikoyan, the project "Spiral" and V.Myasischeva Bank, the project "48." Khrushchev on the Red Square in the military.

Photo Myashishev.

Work on the "Buran".

Tells V.M.Filin, Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia".

Work on the "Buran" and its assembly.

The training of pilots.

Photo astronauts who had to fly to the "Buran".

Personnel news about the "Buran".

Tells O.D.Baklanov, Chairman of the Commission "Energy - Buran".

Testing the "Buran". I.P.Volk tells the astronaut test - Hero of the Soviet Union.

Successful tests "Buran".

Assembly "Burana" at an engineering plant in Tushino.

In Moscow - river spacecraft were delivered to Zhukovsky, and then on two specially modified at the factory Myashishev, strategic bombers 3M delivered to Baikonur.

Preparation of "Burana" for the flight.

Bad weather delayed the start.

Photo cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and I.Volka.

Tells V.M.Filin, Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia".

Personnel news from Baikonur to prepare for the start of "Buran". I.P.Volk tells the astronaut test - Hero of the Soviet Union.

Photos aircraft G.E.Lozino-Lozinski.

Chronicle about the opening of "Energy" and "Buran".

Successful automatic landing "Buran".

Tells V.M.Filin, Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia". "Buran" to the site of Baikonur.

Ruined polygon in Baikonur, where he was first created "Buran".

On the "Buran" fallen roof hangar. "Buran" being taken to an exhibition in France in Salon Le Bourget.

The rest were rented, sold.

Holiday park is an attraction "Buran".

Exhibition of various flying machines.