Artist strategic. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Ryabohlyst O.

Script writers: Ryabohlyst O.

Operators: Soloviev S.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


About General Designer of all domestic strategic submarines S.N. Kovalev.

Movie №1 Artist strategic

Our time, Saint - Petersburg.

Neva embankment.

Marina with boats.

The dome of St.

Isaac's Cathedral from the river Neva. S.N.Kovaleva pass on the waterfront, a developer of strategic submarines.

His office, on the walls of his landscapes.

1957. President Eisenhower plays golf.

It feels great and is smiling.

Start and launch of the Soviet R-7 satellite.

Panorama of the U.S. Capitol.

Remarks by President Eisenhower. U.S. nuclear submarine torpedo is in the hangar, its remake into a missile.

The boat cut in half and insert the missile stopped.

Descend the boat.

Was named after the first president of the United States, "George Washington." Start solid rocket "Polaris" with underwater launch. U.S. submarine sent to the coast of England, for the exploration of the territory of the USSR.

Red Square, Moscow.

USSR. The withdrawal of Soviet submarine from the marina.

Soviet submarines in the raid.

The launch of surfaced.

Khrushchev is on the mausoleum.

Parade on Red Square.

Building CDB 18 in Leningrad. S.N.Kovaleva photos from his personal archives.

Images from the life S.N.Kovaleva.

CB work on designing the first atomic Soviet submarine.

Tells S.N.Kovalev, chief designer of projects, RAS. Bookmark and construction of the first submarine.

Photo V.P.Makeeva.

Installation of liquid rocket V.P.Makeeva.

Building KB "Arsenal".

Photo of Chief Designer of Turin.

Submarine being built in the shops of the plant "Ruby." The plant in Severodvinsk.

July 9, 1967. Sea trials of the first cruiser "Anushka» № 667 project. crew aboard the submarine cruiser.


Loading missiles on board the nuclear-powered cruiser.

November 1972. The signing of the SALT 1mezhdu Leonid Brezhnev and Jimmy Carter.

American submarine in the roads.

About noise tells S.N.Kovalev Soviet submarines.

Shipbuilding Research Institute.


The tests in the pool.

Models of submarines in the pool.

Miassnoe KB V.P.Makeeva creates sea-launched missile of intercontinental range.

Nuclear submarine shooting exercises.

26 Congress of the CPSU in 1981. Palace of Congresses.

Acts Brezhnev.

American submarine "Ohio" with a rocket "Trident".

Download liquid rocket V.P.Makeeva in sub.

Photo Secretary of the CPSU Ustinov.

Photo Minister Afanasyev.

Solid-fuel missile test launches V.P.Makeeva.

Tells I.D.Spassky, Chief Designer - Head of CDB ME "Rubin", Acad.

Spring 1981. Launching of the first submarine "Shark" in the shops Sevmash.

Exit "Shark" in the sea. S.N.Kovalev in the wheelhouse "Shark." "Shark" entered service.

Length: 175 meters long and with a house.

Built six missile ships.

Loading missiles V.P.Makeeva in "Shark." Meeting of Presidents Gorbachev and Reagan in Reykjavik.

Last test liquid rocket V.P.Makeeva. offshore platform designed CKB "Rubin".

2002. Launching the new submarine "Shark", under the name "Dmitry Donskoy". S.N.Kovalev working.

Pass through the yard S.N.Kovaleva CDB. paints a picture in front of the easel.

Close-up pictures S.N.Kovaleva.