Energy triumph. (2004)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: V. Yushchenko

Script writers: Nikolaev L.

Operators: Durandin V. Soloviev S., M. Fedorin

Anouncers: Lanovoy B.


On creation of heavy rocket "Energy" that could orbit the Earth load weighing a hundred tons.

Movie №1 Energy triumph

Baikonur today.

Driven shuttle "Buran". "Buran" is attached to the rocket - the carrier.

Launch and flight of the R-7. Gagarin is on the red carpet.

Khrushchev embraces Gagarin on the podium.

Khrushchev and Yuri Gagarin riding in the car on the streets of Moscow and waving their arms to citizens.

Parade on Red Square.

Speech by John F. Kennedy.

Launch and flight of American missiles.

Khrushchev talks with the military and shaking hands with them.

On Red Square driven rocket launchers.

Photos silos with missiles in Cuba.

Photo of John Kennedy.

Taken out of the hangar booster H-1. Transportation rocket to the launch pad.

Start and Start N-1. Panorama of superheavy carrier H-1. Speech by Sergei Korolev.

Photo of Sergei Korolev.

Descent automatic station Babakina the moon.

Delivered to Earth lunar soil collected by automatic station Babakina.

American astronauts waving their hands and sit in a rocket.

Start and off U.S. missile family "Saturn".

Americans landed on the moon.

Story O.D.Baklanova, Chairman of the Commission "Energy - Buran". U.S. astronauts met at the ramp, and congratulations on landing.

VPGlushko walks around the room.

Start and blast-off "Energy".

Photo Korolev with employees.

Photo VPGlushko.

Photographers and cameramen shoot the rocket flight "Energy".

Rocket explosion and a tail of fire.

Tells V.M.Filin, Deputy General Designer of RSC "Energia".

1970. The building in which he worked SPKorolyov.

In 1974, the NGO provides VPGlushko "Energy".

Cabinet: the table sat NGO staff and work.

Launch vehicle design "Energy".

Is a group of soldiers, including the head of the military-industrial complex Ustinov.

O.D.Baklanov says.

On the computer output circuit "energy." Staff meeting on the development of missiles "Energy" and "Buran".

In the study comes A.D.Konopatov, designer CB "Khimavtomatika." Construction and testing rocket engines "Energy".

Ural, Lower Salda, the car driven by a rocket engine "Energy" to the test.

First step in developing KB M.K.Yangelya Dnepropetrovsk.

Is the general designer KB V.F.Utkin.

The rocket, designed V.F.Utkinym used for launching satellites, called "Zenith".

Start and blast-off "Zenith".

The RD-170, built in KB "Energomash" Khimki.

Kuibyshev plant "Progress" is created tank second stage liquid oxygen and hydrogen.

Talk to the staff establishment of the tank the second stage.

O.D.Baklanov V.M.Filin collect model and "energy." On the table is an enlarged model of the "energy" and "Buran", now.

Panorama of the booster "Energy".

General view of the "energy."

Launch vehicle "Energy" in the hangar.

Employees collect and verify the "energy." Baikonur, built a universal set of stand-start.

Complex is completed in Sergiev - Posad.

April 1981. Start and off the American Space Shuttle "Columbia".

Anthony's sitting at the table ..

On the board draw a diagram of "energy."


Setting the "energy." Build booster "energy." Technicians working on "energy."

1987, Baikonur.

May 15 is set booster "Energy" and preparing for launch.

Panorama of the booster "Energy".

Takeoff booster "energy." People rejoice and clap their hands.

"Energy" is installed along with the ship "Buran".

Rise of "Energy" with "Buran".