Route Kondratyuka. (2003)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Morgunov B.

Script writers: Morgunov B.

Operators: Durandin B.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


The founder of practical space V. Kondratyuk.

Movie №1 Route Kondratyuka

July 16, 1969. Cape Canaveral, the launch of spacecraft "Apollo 11." American astronauts on the moon.

Magazine clippings «Life», where it says that the basis of the lunar mission on ideas Yu.


Mission to the moon called "Route Kondratyuk." Photos: Yu.V.Kondratyuk, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky G.Obert - German scientist, F.Tsander - engineer and inventor in the field of rocketry, R.Godart - American designer, Wernher von Braun and SP Korolev.

Summer of 1924, it was reported that R.Godart working on a rocket to the moon.

Tsiolkovsky works at a desk in his garden.

Photos: Korolev, aircraft engineer V.P.Vetchinkin.


Kondratyuka book.

Photo Ya.

Perelmana, popularizer of science, from the desktop.

People scurrying around the city.

Chronicle of the Civil War.

Photos: A.Shargey (Yu.

Kondratyukov), a former lieutenant of the tsarist army, Private White armies of Denikin I.B.Shargey - father, mother L.Lvovna, E.P.Koreeva second law wife A.Shargeya father, sister Nina and grandparents A.Shargeya, A.Shargey riding on a boat.

Military chronicle of the First World War.

Book Yu.


How to find a landing on the moon.

Our time.

The work of the international space station "Alpha".

Tells N.I.Ivanov, chief of ballistics, navigation and control of spacecraft, Professor.

The chronicle of the First World War. A.Shargeya life in Petrograd.

The end of the summer: the first combat airplanes during the war.

Air battles.

Chronicle of February of the revolution.

Photo Trotsky, V.P.Vetchinkina.


Kondratyuka book "Winning the interplanetary space." Hangar space technology.


Kondratyukov invented centrifuge for astronauts and more.

Tells N.I.Ivanov, chief of ballistics, navigation and control of spacecraft, Professor.

Personnel processes.

Ordzhonikidze People's Commissar of Heavy Industry of the USSR at the meeting.


Kondratyuk vetroelektrotantsii created the project, he was invited to Moscow, where he became head of the design team.

Photo Yu.

Kondratyuka with his band.

Our time.

House number 19 on Sadovaya-Spasskaya Street, where in the basement 70 years ago, the team was placed on studying Yu.

Kondratyuka jet propulsion.

Photo Korolev with the military.

Moscow last century, people in the streets, ride the trams and cars. B.I.Romanenko says veteran Soviet rocket.

Photo Lieutenant B.I.Romanenko.

Soviet soldiers go to war.

Start and launch of American missiles.

Library of Congress.

Panorama of American missiles.

Wernher von Braun, a meeting in his office.

B.I.Romanenko says. N.I.Ivanov says.