Flagship. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Smirnov B., K. Orozaliev

Script writers: Golovanov J., G. Dmitrieva

Operators: Novgorodtsev B.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.


The fate of the Admiral of the Soviet Union Nikolai Kuznetsov.

Movie №1 Flagship

Kuznetsov walks in the park, sitting in a chair reading, typing a letter.

June 22, 1941, 4:00 am.

Tanks cross the field.

Rows of soldiers is on the road.

Flying German planes dropped bombs.

Fleeing soldiers hiding in the trenches.

Is offensive German Army, the land is shrouded in smoke and fire.

Burning houses.

Photos: Zhukov and the military structures are sitting at a table in front of the card; Stalin; Kuznetsov sitting behind a desk.

Kuznetsov says, shooting 1970. Kuznetsov says cipher telegrams readiness number one sitting at the table.

Only a few days before the start of the war.

In Sevastopol sailors watching a film about the victories of the Russian fleet.

In the Baltic sailors dancing on stage "apple." The audience clapped their hands.

Declaration of war.

Sailors run to the ships, ships and weapons preparing for battle.

Volleys of fire from the enemy ships.

Marines came down from the ship, go on the water next to them explode bombs.

Soviet sailors flee to attack and capture the huge foothold in the enemy bank of the Danube.

Arkhangelsk Province, on the banks of the Northern Dvina.

Photo N.G.Kuznetsova parents.

The plaque on the building of the Petrograd Naval Academy reads: "Established by decree of Peter I 14 (25) in January 1701." Corridor Naval Academy.

On the walls hung with portraits of those who have studied in school: F.F.Ushakov, D.N.Senyavin, VIDal, V.V.Vereschagin, Rimsky - Korsakov, P.S.Nahimov.

Black Sea Fleet.

Cruiser "Red Ukraine", the sailors raise the flag.

Photos: Joseph Stalin on the cruiser "Red Ukraine".

Says Admiral Panteleyev JA, shot in 1970.

Sit in front of the military card and talk.

Soldiers stand in the street and look at the sky.

Photo N.G.Kuznetsova. sailing warships in Spain.

Kuznetsov was sitting on the couch and read.

Photos: N.G.Kuznetsova wife.

Grosadmiral Lucifer shakes hands with Hitler and talks to him.

Reyskhmarshal Goering talks with Hitler and shakes his hand.

Photo of Joseph Stalin.

Photo cipher telegrams.

The island of Osel (Saaremaa) in June 1941. The lighthouse on the island, next to people.

Aircraft are long-range maritime aircraft.

Photo of a smiling man who is holding a bomb with the words "A gift to Hitler."

Kuznetsov says, shooting 1970.

August 8, 1941, 21 hours 30 minutes.

Soviet bombers take off and head for Berlin.

Visible from the cockpit bombing of Berlin.

Pilots firing on Berlin.

Hitler and his admiral shaking hands, standing on the sidewalk.

German soldiers suggest weapon for firing.

Launching beans.

The explosion of an enemy ship.

The Soviet soldiers are sitting in a small boat and swim.

England at the beginning of the war.

Big - Ben.

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and others sign the act of forming a coalition.

Churchill sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar.

Cutting from the "truth" about strengthening military cooperation between the USSR, Britain and the United States.

Churchill is coming to Truman, stands next to him.

Kuznetsov shakes hands with Truman and is not far from Churchill.

Kuznetsov talks with Truman and Churchill.

Transportation by Land-Lease military equipment, food, strategic raw materials from the U.S. to the USSR. Allied ships sailing to Murmansk.

German bombers attacked ships Soviet allies with military equipment, strategic raw materials and foodstuffs.

The attack on the ships loaded with the German air force and navy.

The bombardment ships.

The ships are berthed.

Since ships are taken: the tanks and food.

On the ship, there are planes to the Soviet Union under the Lend-Lease.

Smiling people standing on the dock, our allies in the war.

German ships are covered in snow.

Soviet soldiers climbing the stairs to reysthagu Berlin with the flag.

Soviet soldiers bent one knee to the memory of the dead, one of them holding a flag.

Sailors knelt in memory of the victims.

Funeral wreath launched.

Potsdam, Spring 1945. Stalin met with Churchill, Truman.

They sit down at a round table to decide the fate of the postwar world.

Kuznetsov is sitting to the right of Stalin, third.

Kuznetsov says, shooting 1970. Marshal Zhukov, Kuznetsov sit at the table and solve military problems.

Zhukov Kuznetsov and talk at a table in front of the card.

Says Admiral Panteleyev JA, shot in 1970. Cabinet Chief of the Navy.

Hall of military court.

The case of the P-564 torpedo parachute illegally transferred four British admirals.

Photo sentence.

Night February 3, 1948 announcing the sentence.

Hall of military court.

Photos convicted admirals: Stepanov - 10 years, Lafuzov - 10 years, Gapper - 4 years, N.G.Kuznetsova reduced to the rank of rear admiral.

Parade on Red Square.

Stalin stands on the podium and waves.

At the podium is Kuznetsov, who returned to the rank of commander in chief of the Soviet Navy.

Kuznetsov is on deck.

Sailors stand on the deck and shouted "Hurrah."

Says Admiral USSR Chernavin VN

Portrait of Joseph Stalin.

Stalin and his funeral.

Near the tomb is the top leaders.

Kuznetsov stands near the tomb of Joseph Stalin. senior management is in the funeral procession in Red Square.

The first row is Kuznetsov. performance of the new leader Nikita Khrushchev.

Photos: Kuznetsov the cruiser with him Khrushchev.

Commemorative plaque on the monument in Sevastopol 'sailors, sergeants and officers of the battleship "Novorossiisk" died 10/29/1955, with the performance of military duty. " Photo Zhukov. ordered the dismissal N.G.Kuznetsova, demoted to vice-admiral.

Monument N.G.Kuznetsovu at Novodevichy Cemetery, next to the church of Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of sailors.

Written on the monument N.G.Kuznetsova all positions and ranks, who returned after his death.

Wave the flag fleet.

Kuznetsov is on deck.

Sailors shout "Hurrah." The flagship of the Russian Navy aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov".

Takeoff jet take-off site of the flagship.