Test uncertainty (2003)

Documentary №27223, 1 film, duration: 0:26:56
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Constantine Orozaliev
Screenwriters:Constantine Orozaliev, Faid Symphorov
Camera operators:Vladimir Nosokin, Ivan Pomorin
Anouncers:Vasily Lanovoy


About the Hero of the Soviet Union, a test pilot, the general with the name of the legendary Vladimir Ilyushin.

Movie №1 Test uncertainty

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Airfield, which are planes on the field is a man in uniform, this pilot test - the USSR, Hero of the USSR VS Ilyushin.

1943. Photo VS Ilyushin and his associates.

Pilot test - Kokkinaki corrects form.

Aero Club of birch is a table, a man sitting behind him.

The man in the center of the table shows the layout for aircraft aerobatics.

Flying School.

Students sit at their desks.

A man standing near the blackboard and show aerobatics on a model airplane.

The building of the Air Force Academy.

Photo: Ilyushin - aircraft, father VS Ilyushin.

Students of the Air Force Academy are next to the plane and study it.

Photos: Ilyushin.

Says VS Ilyushin.

Mikoyan, designer of the E-50. Photo P.I.Suhogo.

Reports VS Ilyushin (flight sheets).

Photos: P.I.Suhoy at the table in his study in VS Ilyushin flight suit next to the plane.

VS Ilyushin walks in the woods.

Dispersal of the aircraft on the runway and take off.

VS Ilyushin at the wheel.

June 8, 1960 VS Ilyushin was driving home and crashed.

Photo car with a broken windshield.

Photo wrecked car from different angles.

Policeman stands at the wrecked car.

Ambulance rides around the city.

Memories VS Ilyushin.


Medical staff treat broken bones pictures VS Ilyushin.

Surgeons perform the operation.

From the window one can see the sky and clouds.

In the magazine "Youth" published stories VS Ilyushin.

Cuts from the "Youth" stories VS Ilyushin.

VS Ilyushin went to China after the accident.

Healing occurred in g.


New strategic bomber of the 21st century.

Says VS Ilyushin.

Photo strategic bomber T-4 "Weaving".

Panorama of the bomber.

Speech P.I.Suhogo.

VS Ilyushin and N.Alferov - navigator, sitting at a table and discuss the details of the test bomber.

VS Ilyushin sitting in the cockpit layout.

Acceleration bomber and his flight, landing.

VS Ilyushin climbed into the cockpit and sit in it.

Dispersal and flight SU-27. Testing and conversion of the SU-27 to AMIC "Dry." Flight SU-27 and performing aerobatic maneuvers.

In the forest, a monument to the dead, test pilot, is inserted into the wood propeller airplane.

Landing on an aircraft carrier take-off site and its explosion.

The aircraft catapulted pilot, plane crashes and explodes.

Photos of the crashed aircraft.

Says VS Ilyushin.

Cemetery in Zhukovsky, where buried test pilots.

Take-off field is a group of pilots.

The inscription on the tombstone "Pilots do not die - they just fly away."

Debriefing VS Ilyushin at the airfield.

VS Ilyushin talking with two test pilots, aircraft stand behind them.

Tells V.I.Andreev, Commander Air Defense of the USSR, Colonel-General.

Takeoff, a leading exploration airspace.

VS Ilyushin walks in the woods.

A field of sunflowers.


VS Ilyushin recites a poem.

Calendar: 2003

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