Moscow. Subjunctive (2007)

Documentary №27230, 1 film, duration: 0:52:37
Production: Narodnoe kino
Director:Alevtina Kuzovenkova
Screenwriters:Marina Malakhova
Composers:Roman Muhachev
Anouncers:Lev Nikolayev


The film tells about Moscow for what it could be.

Movie №1 Moscow. Subjunctive

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Climbs the stairs tour.

Guide - spoke in English.

Moscow in 2007. Hike up the stairs.

The girl looks around.

People with cameras.

Tour guide tells about Moscow.

Tourists watching.

A tourist photographs.

Against the background of St.

Basil, business center.

The woman on the background of the Kremlin.

Man and woman on the background of the Kremlin.


Basil's Cathedral and the building office center.

Tourists take pictures.

The guide leads tourists.

Near the walls of the Kremlin's tallest building.

Tourists listen.

Group of people in the background of the building.

Tourists on the waterfront.

A tourist looks at a building.

The building next to the Kremlin wall.

The guide goes on to explain.

Speaks in English.

Moscow River near the Palace of the Soviets.

Girl on the background of the Palace of Soviets.

Palace of the Soviets and the Kremlin embankment.

A group of tourists is on the waterfront.


Architectural Fantasies 1919 - 1924.

Revolutionary masses.

October 1917. The victorious revolutionaries.

Moscow in 1918. Architectural model.

Artistic intelligentsia.


A crowd of people.

Paintings of Malevich.


Works by Malevich.

Architectural structure.


Malevich's Black Square.

Paintings of Malevich.

Architectural models.

Architectural structure.

Malevich in the workshop. "Architect" Malevich.

Tatlin in the workshop.

Vladimir Tatlin - the future founder of the industrial design.

Tatlin's work.

Tatlin Tower.

Tatlin with colleagues.

Tatlin's tower installation on the street.

Tatlin and his tower.

Build workers.

Sketches of new buildings.

Architect J. Chernikhov.

Group portrait.

Architectural sketches.

Chernikhov and his work.

Building of the Ministry of Railways.


Constructivist house.

Working mason.

Signs on the building.

Plastic sketch "A New Day." The streets of Moscow.

Engineers at work.

Drawings of buildings.

Engineers for the drawings.

Drawings of buildings.

The streets of Paris travel machine.

Paris in 1925. Pavilion of Russian constructivists.

The Paris exhibition.

Group photo.

Go trumpeters.

People on the streets of Moscow.

Workers' demonstration.



Old Moscow.

Game episode.

Printing works.

Working factories.

The people on the streets and in the villages.

Under construction.

Photo: architectural design, house design, project districts.

Industrial communities.

Layout, The "Atom" Arch. K.Melnikov.

Architect Melnikov.

Cottage village.

Fragments of the film.

Move settlers.

Is a demonstration with the orchestra.

Moscow in 1923. Panorama house.

Open house.

Build a new home.

Photo: new home, Mount toilets.

Workers' village.

Is building settlements and tree planting.

People are watching.

Flags and stars on the Kremlin.

Is a great building.

Architectural workshops.

Trams in the center.

Lenin and his associates.

The streets of Moscow.

Zholtovsky Shchusev and in the studio. "New Moscow" Arch. A.Shusev, I.Zholtovsky.

Map of Moscow.

Architects on the construction.

On the streets of bus rides.

Architects and engineers on the job.

Passers-by on the street.

Tram rides.

The orchestra.

Swirl people dance.

Tram rides, riding cars, people go.

Map of Moscow. "Big Moscow" Arch.


Construction of houses.

Houses in green.

Walking people and children.

People move into new homes.

Go train.

London, Ottawa, Wellington.

Architect at work.

Map of Moscow. "Radiant City" Arch.

Le Corbusier.

Project of the city on a plan of Le Corbusier.

Plan of Brasilia.

Photo Ladovsky architect.

Map of Moscow.

The "Rocket City." Architect. K. Ladovsky.

Recreation park.

Panoramas of Tokyo.

Architectural projects.

Photos of George Krutikova.

The "City on the air lines of communication." Architect. G. Krutikov.


Operate the machine.

Fly to the crowd newspaper.

People sit in the tram.

People on the streets.

Map of Moscow.

Under construction.

Is young.

Youth meeting and demonstration.

Painting work on building sites.

Rehearsing orchestras, people are reading, playing checkers, and embroidery.

Young athletes perform.

Photos architectural workshops.

Clubs and signage.

Under construction.

Photo I.Golosova.

Club them.

Zuyev Forest.

Photo K.Melnikova.


People go by the club and ride car.

Photo A.Schuseva.

Railway Club.

People are walking.


Laundries, kitchens.

House projects.

Student residence on the street.


The students in the dorm.

The commandant of the scroll.


People go by.

Commandant whistles.

Go athletes.

People applauded.

Iofan workshop.

Is building a house on the waterfront.

House on the Embankment.

Game episode.

Photo: House on the waterfront.

A man walks down the stairs.



Modern Moscow, people on the boulevard.

People are welcome guests.

Children play with a ball.

People for food.

People buy newspapers.

Street scenes.




At the front of the Bolshoi Theater hanging sign.

Hall of the Grand Theatre.

On the podium of Stalin.

Konstruktivizskaya exhibition.


Acts Voroshilov.

Audience applause.


The Moscow Kremlin.

Architects in the workshops.

Group photo.

Meeting Architects.

Architectural projects.

Group photo.

The "Institute of Lenin." Architect. I. Leonids.

The architectural studio.

Stalin and his associates on the mausoleum.

Is a demonstration.

Assembly of the Union of Architects.

Architects at work.

Demonstration on Red Square.


Red Square and the Kremlin.

A fragment from the newsreels.

Passersby read newspapers on the go.

Panorama of Moscow from the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Cathedral.

Competitive projects Palace of Soviets.

Is a demonstration.

Iofan workshop. "Palace of Soviets" Arch. B. Iofan.

Going construction.

Map of Moscow.

Plan for the reconstruction of Moscow. 1935 demolition of the house.

Competitive projects Commissariat building.

Crumbling houses.

Building projects.

Explode at home.

Photo Melnikov Leonidov.

Projects constructivists.

Collapse of the building.

Built underground.

Meeting Secretary MK and CIM VKP (b) Comrade.

Shcherbakov with Muscovites.

Going construction work.

Tour of the projected palace.

Photos of postcards and stamps.

People are traveling by train.

Moscow River.

The policeman at the station.

River port.

Game episode.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

On the river floats tram.

People walk near the temple.

The construction site of the Palace of Soviets.

Is building.

Are the crowds.

Collapse of the building.

On the ruins of working.

Palace of the Soviets in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin and the waterfront.

Architectural Studio.

Group photo.

Models of buildings.

Architectural ensembles.

Ensemble Pompidou in Paris.

Calendar: 2007

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