Katya: weapons of victory. (2002)

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Producer Narodnoe kino

Director: Boris Golovnya

Script writers: Andrej Romanovsky, Eugene Zobov

Operators: Ivan Kuptsov

Anouncers: Vasily Lanovoy


Page history of the national rocket launchers.

Movie №1 Katya: weapons of victory

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Volleys of rocket launchers.

Commissar Timoshenko in the talks with the military.

Commissar Timoshenko works in his office.

Photo of Joseph Stalin.

People walking in the park.

Footage of a military chronicle.

Photos of the office staff.

Military chronicle of the First World War.

Volleys of "Big Bertha." Project combat missile G.Oberta running on liquid fuel.

Photo G.Oberta.

Photo N.Tihomirova chemist.

The project is packed with missiles N.Tihomirova powder mixture.

January 1918. Personnel news after the First World War.

There are negotiations in Brest peace with Germany.

Photo V.Artemeva.

Chronicles of the Civil War in Russia.

Letter to the drawings N.Tihomirova business manager of the CPC B.Burgevichyu. S.Kamenev passes through the rows of soldiers, the second man, after Trotsky's Red Army.

N.Tihomirovu isolated laboratory, staff and money.

Assistant N.Tihomirova, expert gunpowder and other V.Artemev.

Trading numbers in Russia.

Laboratory N.Tihomirova moved to Leningrad.

Brick building N.Tihomirova laboratory.

Photo M.Tuhachevskogo.

Photo: M.Tuhachevsky stands on Red Square in the front row.

Photo: Soviet delegation led M.Tuhachevskim welcome to President Hindenburg Reichswehr maneuvers.

1928. A suburb of Berlin, Babelsberg.

Pavilions kinokontserna "UVA".

Speech M.Tuhachevskogo.

March 1932, convened a meeting M.Tuhachevsky.

Photo M.Tuhachevskogo.

Photo: study M.Tuhachevskogo, is meeting. M.Tuhachevskogo order to create the 1st Jet Scientific - Research Institute.

RNII building.

Students photos RNII.

The experiment was a missile launch from a powder filling.

Photos: Director of the Institute I.Klimenov; engineer G.Langimak; B.Petropavlov; B.Petropavlov a rocket launcher, a prototype of a future missile "Katyusha".

In the development of missiles involved Tsiolkovsky, an honorary member of the Scientific - Technical Council of the Institute.


Parade on the Square.

Hitler stands next to soldiers.

Photos: developing missiles in Germany G.Oberta student, Werner von Braun.

Speech M.Tuhachevskogo.

Photo Voroshilov.

April 1937. London.

Celebrations to mark the coronation of George VI. The royal family on the balcony.

Parade on Red Square.

Stalin on the mausoleum.

Photos: G.Langemak; G.Langemak with his wife I.Klimenov.

Photos: A.Kostikov - after I.Klimenova, he headed the Scientific - Research Institute; A.Kostikov the desk.

Photos: "Katyusha", I.Gvay engineer who proposed for stability when shooting power unit positioned along the longitudinal axis of the machine.

Photo V.Oborenkova.

He participated in the development of "Katyusha".


Military parade.

Chronicle of military battles at Khalkhin Gol.

Photo of "Katyusha".

December 1939. The 60th anniversary of Joseph Stalin.

Joseph Stalin presented with gifts.

Military chronicle of the Second World War.

Near the town of Orsha, where he created the threat of a breakthrough from Moscow arrived battery rockets under Captain Flerov.

Through binoculars visible accumulation of German trains.

Volleys of "Katyusha".

The chronicle of the war years.

The Siege of Leningrad.

Soviet soldiers escorted to the front.

Late autumn 1941. Battle for Tula.

Military news.

The use of "Katyusha" in the fighting in the Black Sea.

1942. Awarding the Stalin Prize and designer A.Kostikovu Major - General V.Oborenkovu.

German scientists have developed their own similar "Katyusha": six-mortar, ironically named the Soviet soldiers "Vanya." War chronicles battles of the Second World War.

Hitler and the German commanders are going to train.

German scientists develop and test missile.

March 14, 1944 arrest of Wernher von Braun and his closest associates.

Photo A.Kostikova.

England wartime.

Westminster Abbey.

The streets of London.

Images from the German film about Munchausen war years.

February 1945. The Yalta Conference.

Meet: Winston Churchill, Stalin and G.Trumen. "Katyusha" trashes the German forces in Konigsberg, Warsaw and Vienna.

Armament of the German people FAUST cartridges.

Their training.

Military chronicle of fighting in Berlin.

Soviet soldiers in the Reichstag.

Fireworks and a parade in Red Square on the Victory.