Yuri Gagarin (1961-1968)

Footage №27325, 1 footage, duration: 0:06:49

Scene №1 Yuri Gagarin

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The people welcomed Gagarin

Gagarin meets with Bulgarian peasants in the field

Gagarin is on the street surrounded by Bulgarian girls in national dress, the crowds on the streets.

Gagarin was kissing a girl.

Gagarin in Egypt

Egyptians traveling on camels, pyramids.

Gagarin walking, riding in an open car, the people welcomed Gagarin.

Gagarin in France, the people welcomed Gagarin.

Gagarin in Africa, Africans welcome Gagarin women dancing in traditional costumes,

Gagarin cut the cake.

Gagarin goes to the military Academy.

Zhukovsky, sitting in the classroom.

Photo Queen and Gagarin.

Gagarin in the academy at the blackboard.

Gagarin is training to prepare stellar starts, test pilots in the model rocket, Gagarin at monitors and devices said on the radio.

Gagarin help astronauts in space suits out of the bus

Gagarin says (synchronously).

Gagarin at the congress delegates surrounded

Gagarin makes the flag on the rostrum, the people standing applause

Gagarin's hometown walking down the street with his father and mother, he is greeted by the people.

Gagarin's visit to Cuba, train rides through a flooded street, rain, people greet Soviet cosmonaut.

Pass Gagarin and Fidel Castro.

Gagarin was a visit to the Danish shipyard, the people welcomed Gagarin hug.

Gagarin visiting Swedish firefighters on Gagarin dressed firefighter helmet

Gagarin meets with Norwegian children.

Gagarin is with students, children welcome Gagarin.

Gagarin with his family in the kitchen, Gagarin riding children's bicycles in the yard around the flower beds, the daughter of Gagarin on the bike.

Gagarin and Tereshkova at a wedding A.Nikolaeva.

Gagarin with his daughters reading a book.

Gagarin at the zoo with her daughters.

Animals in cages.

Kids at the zoo.


Gagarin Yu. Kastro F. Tereshkova V. -- astronaut Nikolaev A. -- astronaut

Calendar: 1961-1968

Locations: Countries of the world

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