The financial system in the USSR. (1924 - 1959)

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Scene №1 The financial system in the USSR

1924 currency reform: paper money, coins raked hands.

Trading in the markets and shops.

Passing trucks with food.

Passing freight trains.

Industrial landscape.

The workers at the plant.

Coins of different value on the table.

Bank employees have the bags, put them.

Coins on the table, hands raked coins poured into bags packed.

Banknotes and coins.

1925: The draw of the 1st edition of the 2nd Peasant lottery loan in the House of Unions in Moscow, stands Commissar of Finances Sokolniki, replicable spinning drum.

1927: The draw circulation 1st All-Union aviation lottery Hall of Columns with Kuibyshev and SS Kamenev.

1927: A group of Soviet leaders examines Moscow State Bank, are studying processes with the bank, and three gold pieces, working cash machine; pantries with gold gold coins on the shelves, the gold ducat in his hand, on the table.

Workers Bank consider paper money.

Workers put the gold bars on the shelves in the store.

Unloading a ship with a foreign (imported) equipment at the port.

Exports of wood, metal and food, packing and loading boxes.

Banks with caviar exports from the USSR.

Advertising loan industrialization bond.

1932: Collection of individual farmers, farmers of the village Glazovo, subscription to a loan of industrialization, performances, dancing, a brass band.

Moscow: velopprobeg-subscription campaign for the loan, cyclists on the streets of Moscow, on the waterfront.

Aircraft, balloon with the words "Truth" in the sky.

New houses, motels, clubs.

People do exercises in a sanatorium.

Young children in nurseries play, bathe, eat.

Factory building clubs.

1932: campaign videos dedicated to subscribe to the loan of the 4th year of the plan.

The time of construction of buildings, trams and other works produced by means of a loan.

Posters in the streets.

Working Plant.

Lenin in Nizhny Novgorod warn about subscribing to a loan at the meeting.

Workers, farmers and housewives subscribe to the loan.

Reconstruction of utilities at the expense of the loan.

Construction of factories.

Badges "Ford", "AMO", etc.

Agricultural machinery.

And a speaker at the rally finaktiva.

1931: Leningrad.

Issuance working Plant.

Karl Marx through salary savings bank in the workplace: workers fill an application form for the purchase of food, cash receipt, the cashier at the machine passes the savings bank worker ordered the money, members of the Nizhny Novgorod union delegation acquainted with the experience of Leningrad; posters.

1933: The city of Gorky.

Outside office savings bank № 7 of the Sverdlovsk region in the farm market.

Collective farmers check savings bank bonds at the window.

Employee savings bank gives out money to a winning bond.

1937: Moscow.

The first edition of the second five loan production four.

Chairperson of the lottery committee NA Bulganin (synchronously).


Cashier serves customers pay winnings.

1937: Arrival in the village of New Gorky region, shifting the savings bank.

Payment of the loan payoff kolkhoz 2-year plan.

1961: The work of the State Bank: cashiers consider bills, calculating machines.

The building of the Grand Kremlin Palace.

1960: Khrushchev's speech at the session of the USSR Supreme Soviet.

Printing in the printing price list of new prices in 1961.

Loaves of white bread, sugar packs, shoes, watches, men's suits, matches, wallets.

People see new money.

Emissive branch of the State Bank: packs with new money in the store, pack of money, the man signs the documents, loading money on the train, plane and delivery to different regions of the USSR.

Sign on the door: Exchange State Bank of the USSR, the workers at the window of the exchange office to change the old money for new.

New and old banknotes.

People at the cash register in the store.

Woman puts food in the bag.

Man my dollars for rubles.

People see new money.

Winnings are paid out on the circulation of the loan in a savings bank of Leningrad.

Savings book in his hands.

1958: Wins Lottery money and clothing: a car "Volga" passing on the street, clocks, boxes, televisions, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

1959: TV commercial "Lucky Tickets": Summer landscape.


Leningrad - Peter and Paul Fortress, "The Bronze Horseman." Moscow State University building.

Streets of Moscow (summer).


People buy lottery tickets.

Candy store.

The list of goods that can be won on the lottery ticket: a motorcycle, "Moskvich", "Volga", accordion, accordion, piano, watches, cameras, sewing machine, carpet, vacuum cleaner, radio.


Hruschev N.S. Bulganin N.A. Kujbishev V.V. Kamenev S.S.




USSR [863] Moscow [820] Leningrad [848]

Finance; Social life; Industry; Transportation; Sport; Agriculture; Domestic policy